What Is The Cybereye Motion Detection Camera

What is​ the​ CyberEye Motion Detection Camera?
With our economy slowing down, burglaries are up and​ you run the​ risk of​ someone else wanting to​ take your stuff for​ their own .​
While burglary rates have been declining recently, they still number about 25 per 1,000 households .​
It makes sense to​ have some sort of​ motion detection camera set up in​ your home or​ your office to​ catch any intruders.
The definition of​ burglary is​ the​ unlawful or​ forcible entry or​ attempted entry of​ a​ residence .​
Burglary usually, though not always, involves theft .​
The punk is​ usually strung out on drugs and​ does not work, and​ needs money to​ support their habit .​
The use force to​ break into your home or​ office by breaking a​ window or​ slashing a​ screen .​
They can also enter through an​ unlocked window or​ door .​
Whatever way they use to​ gain entrance to​ the​ building, as​ long as​ they have no legal right to​ be there, a​ burglary has occurred.
Also, the​ building need not be your home or​ office for​ a​ burglary to​ take place .​
Illegal entry of​ any garage, shed, or​ any other structure on the​ premises also constitutes a​ burglary .​
Burglary can even occur at​ a​ hotel or​ when you are on vacation, it's still classified as​ a​ burglary.
Unless you have a​ security guard inside to​ watch your property 24/7, the​ simplest thing you can do is​ to​ have some type of​ surveillance camera in​ place to​ protect your property .​
If you can't afford a​ multi-camera video surveillance system, there are a​ couple choices for​ single unit motion detection cameras that are self contained and​ can record pictures to​ internal memory.
One of​ the​ most economical choices is​ the​ CyberEye Infrared Digital Surveillance Camera .​
The CyberEye is​ a​ Motion Detection Camera that takes black & white photos, is​ completely self-contained, and​ with motion detection, the​ camera that will take pictures of​ whatever is​ in​ front of​ its lens, whenever motion is​ detected, day or​ night with it's built in​ Infrared lights .​
The CyberEye can be set to​ record images at​ any rate between one and​ sixty seconds, up to​ 680 images before the​ memory is​ full .​
Because the​ CyberEye is​ a​ tiny, self contained camera, you can set up anywhere in​ your home, office, or​ vehicle .​
You can point it​ out a​ window and​ it​ won't affect the​ image .​
One interesting use is​ to​ put the​ CyberEye in​ your car to​ catch vandals who might be damaging it, or​ spraying graffiti on your fence .​
Simply activate the​ CyberEye up with the​ included remote control, and​ you can leave knowing your CyberEye Surveillance Camera will record any movement .​
If you have children or​ pets, they will trigger the​ motion detection, so it's best to​ use this where your children don't play.

To see your images, just plug the​ CyberEye into a​ TV or​ VCR, and​ then use the​ remote to​ scroll through the​ images to​ find the​ ones you are looking for​ .​
Then, you can record the​ images to​ the​ VCR, or​ you can use a​ Camcorder to​ record the​ images to​ tape, and​ then dump that into your computer so you can make a​ CD or​ DVD .​
It won't connect directly to​ your PC, as​ there is​ no USB port .​
The images are stored in​ non-volatile memory, so you can't loose them if​ your battery dies or​ the​ power goes out.

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