What Is The Best Lcd Tv Size For Your Room

What is​ the​ Best LCD TV Size for​ Your Room?
Are you the​ type of​ person that hugs the​ huge LCD TVs when you’re walking through the​ electronics store? I​ know how you feel, bigger means better.
However, when you’re choosing the​ best LCD TV size for​ you, there are some things you need to​ take into consideration.
First of​ all, how big is​ the​ room that you will be placing the​ television in? if​ it’s a​ fairly small room, you will want to​ choose an​ LCD TV that works well with the​ room .​
If you’re too close to​ the​ television when you’re watching something, the​ picture can look distorted.
Look at​ the​ width of​ the​ television, and​ remember that three times that number is​ how far away you want to​ be .​
So if​ your television is​ two feet wide, you want the​ sofa or​ chairs to​ be around 6 feet away from the​ TV .​
This will ensure the​ best LCD TV picture quality and​ clarity.
Another thing you want to​ determine is​ the​ angle view .​
Depending upon what type and​ size of​ television, you will have a​ view of​ a​ certain angle .​
Further than your allotted angle, and​ you will experience distortion.
You will also want to​ measure your entertainment center, the​ wall you will mount it​ on, or​ the​ stand for​ the​ television .​
You don’t want to​ get home with a​ television that is​ too large, or​ one that your entertainment center dwarfs.
If you’re going for​ around a​ 40 inch TV, Sony has some great models that are amazing picture quality and​ clarity .​
The good thing about these is​ that the​ picture still looks great even when viewed off center .​
This is​ important for​ large areas, because not everyone in​ the​ room will see the​ picture from dead center.
So, you want the​ best LCD TV you can find that’s large enough to​ fill your wall nicely? Panasonic features their monster 61 inch LCD TV.
Imagine watching Monday night football on this baby .​
You could see the​ player’s nose hair! Especially with your high definition.
However, you had better be prepared to​ shell out some serious bucks for​ this bad boy .​
If you’re prepared to​ spend the​ money, this television is​ incomparable.
It’s not hard to​ find the​ best LCD TV size for​ you if​ you follow the​ tips and​ advice in​ this article .​
Remember that you want to​ be able to​ watch the​ television comfortably from any area in​ the​ room .​
That’s a​ good guide to​ follow to​ get the​ best TV you can get .​

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