What Is Advertising A Primer For Beginners

What Is Advertising A Primer For Beginners

What is​ Advertising? - a​ Primer for​ Beginners.
This land is​ your land .​
This land is​ my land .​
This land was made for​ you and​ me! No truer words were ever spoken .​
In fact, my palms tend to​ get a​ bit sweaty with excitement whenever I​ hum a​ few bars from that great uniter that was a​ childhood classic for​ me .​
I’m really a​ big fan of​ sharing .​
That’s why I’m so glad and​ thankful that the​ Native Americans that inhabited the​ area that is​ now the​ United States of​ America were so kind as​ to​ invite us to​ share their land, so that now it’ made for​ you and​ me .​
I​ think that’s great .​

And in​ the​ spirit of​ kindness, I​ am excited that people who came here from other places have given the​ proper respect that the​ land and​ its previously sole inhabitants deserve .​
It’s about community and​ connection and​ a​ land built upon altruistic generosity and​ selfless acts for​ the​ common good .​
That’s what I​ like .​
To be honest with you, I​ feel that sometimes I​ don’t live up to​ the​ standard that has been set by the​ friendly folks that came here from Western Europe .​
I​ try, but it’s sometimes difficult and​ I​ forget .​

When I​ was a​ child, I​ even thought that it​ was cool to​ litter .​
I​ don’t know what got into me .​
Maybe I’m naturally a​ bad seed or​ maybe I​ was too concerned with impressing the​ older kids from down the​ street, like Kenny and​ Brian (who really were bad seeds) .​
Regardless of​ the​ reasoning, I​ littered .​
I​ couldn’t see beyond my, then, present circumstances to​ realize that I​ was but a​ simple part of​ an​ enormous, loving entity .​
That was until I​ watched a​ commercial.
When I​ saw the​ tear roll down the​ check of​ a​ Native American due to​ a​ passing motorist’s disregard for​ the​ mutually beneficial gentleman’s agreement that was made between the​ previous and​ current peoples of​ North America by tossing trash out the​ window of​ his/her speeding car in​ a​ 1970’s television advertisement, I​ understood my role and​ I​ understood my misdeeds .​

I now am a​ faithful ally of​ those who revere the​ environment as​ something which needs to​ be explicitly cared for​ .​
I​ view the​ environment as​ though it’s not mine do with as​ I​ please, because its not mine .​
It’s mine and​ yours .​
It all started with an​ ad .​
You want to​ ask me what advertising is? Twenty years of​ community-minded, selflessness…that’s advertising.

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