What If You Hate Selling

What If You Hate Selling

I've heard a​ lot of​ people say that they LOVE the​ idea of​ having a​ home business but that they HATE selling stuff! you​ might be able to​ relate to​ this. I've been doing business from my home for a​ while now and there are some parts of​ the​ business that I just LOVE and that come naturally,​ like talking with people,​ listening,​ and teaching ...

And there are some aspects of​ it​ that have always been more of​ a​ challenge,​ namely the​ whole notion of​ letting people know about my products!

This used to​ be such a​ problem for me that I actually quit the​ business not once,​ not twice,​ but THREE times,​ because I decided that I am not very good at​ "selling stuff". Can you​ relate to​ this? you​ love the​ idea of​ owning your business,​ and get excited thinking about the​ potential,​ and then when you​ get down to​ the​ "nitty gritty" of​ how you​ make money,​ it​ all comes down to​ the​ BOTTOM LINE ...

You've got to​ promote your product,​ opportunity,​ or​ service!!

Well gosh,​ if​ you​ hate selling are you​ doomed to​ a​ life of​ being stuck in​ the​ employee 9 to​ 5 grind? Not necessarily! There is​ another way.

Recently I had a​ HUGE insight ... a​ real breakthrough,​ about "selling stuff". Maybe this will help you​ if​ you're a​ little squeamish about promoting your business,​ product or​ service.

In started in​ the​ mid 1990's when I was making my first forays into the​ land of​ home based business. I wasn't used to​ thinking of​ myself as​ a​ business person. to​ be honest,​ I felt like a​ fish OUT of​ water!! My very first business was a​ fantastic success until the​ company I represented went out of​ business. Ouch! Determined to​ do better next time,​ I read,​ researched,​ studied,​ went to​ trainings,​ and guess what? Over the​ next three years,​ I started,​ worked and FAILED in​ a​ grand total of​ FOUR network marketing business ventures!

Eeeegads!!! :(

I won't go into the​ gory details of​ when,​ where and why,​ but the​ bottom line is​ that obviously something was missing! I set about to​ find that missing piece. One big "aha" experience happened in​ 2001 when I found the​ internet. After that long "dry spell" I FINALLY began to​ make money again! However,​ I found that one thing was still missing though in​ this otherwise wonderful picture.

I wasn't quite sure how to​ tell people about my products! I was getting hung up on​ the​ big "S"... "Selling Stuff"! I studied,​ took courses on​ marketing,​ and still couldn't find "the groove".

Not knowing what else to​ do,​ I prayed for a​ solution. it​ is​ my habit to​ bring my all of​ my life,​ including my business,​ before God and Spirit. the​ answer I got wasn't in​ the​ "packaging" I expected.

In December I became sick for almost 2 months. Nothing serious,​ just annoying,​ intractable,​ and very unusual for me. Several of​ my business partners were talking about a​ new health discovery from the​ rainforest with a​ ton of​ healing properties.

So I read some info,​ and it​ really knocked my socks off! After going through the​ scientific research,​ and the​ list of​ healing properties,​ I realized that this could help me and almost everyone I know! Something in​ my heart "clicked",​ and I found myself staying up at​ night,​ thinking of​ all the​ people I love who could benefit from this.

There were at​ several HUNDRED people who came to​ my mind that I wanted to​ share this with ... that I had NEVER felt moved to​ share my other wonderful products with!! Okay,​ okay well you​ have probably figured this out.

Finally I realized that I just HAD to​ tell people about this new product!! Well first I had to​ try it​ for myself of​ course. My sickness went away,​ and my joint pain too! (Hadn't expected that!) It's funny,​ I am not a​ habitually guilty person but in​ this situation,​ I felt guilty getting excited about products that weren't part of​ my own company ...

But I felt MORE guilty in​ NOT telling everyone I know about this brand new discovery!! Eventually I worked through these feelings and "jumped" into the​ great unknown. I began promoting the​ new product,​ and yes,​ you​ can probably guess what happened next,​ right?

Yes,​ in​ one month I did MORE business with the​ new product than it​ had taken me a​ YEAR to​ build with my other products! And the​ best part is,​ I DID get want I prayed for. I never ONCE worried about "selling stuff".

What happened? What made the​ difference?

Here's the​ secret ... I WASN'T thinking about me!! I wasn't thinking about my business,​ my product,​ my income,​ my goals. Instead,​ I was thinking about all the​ friends and loved ones I could help!! This happened quite naturally. Not through "trying" to​ be altruistic. I wasn't TRYING to​ "sell stuff",​ I was REALLY excited!!

Network marketing,​ or​ any marketing really,​ comes NATURALLY when you​ are deeply,​ passionately excited about what you​ are offering. When you​ are passionate and CONNECTED with what you​ are doing,​ it's not work,​ it's NATURAL! When it's NATURAL,​ you're not self conscious. You're in​ the​ flow,​ in​ the​ present moment,​ you're thinking about others... you're in​ the​ ZONE! :-)

So you​ see the​ moral of​ the​ story is... if​ you​ want to​ have a​ home based business,​ but you​ HATE selling stuff... Then FIND something that you​ are PASSIONATE about to​ promote! Find something that is​ NATURAL for you​ to​ love ... something that you​ feel deeply CONNECTED to... something that other people REALLY want and NEED.

And then GO FORTH into the​ world and prosper!! :-)

What If You Hate Selling

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