What If God Could Write You A Blank Check

What If God Could Write You A Blank Check

I have read just about every possible book on creating a​ wealth and prosperity, yet having enough money always seemed to​ elude me. Even after I committed to​ living God’s vision in​ my life full-time, I was still living on the edge of​ financial disaster. I decided enough was enough and one night in​ my evening prayer, I asked The Lord to​ reveal to​ me what it​ was I was missing. I went to​ sleep knowing I was on the verge of​ a​ breakthrough.

The next morning, I was laying in​ bed reading (one of​ my favorite past times) and God let me know what was missing in​ my world. He reminded me that as​ a​ child of​ The Most High, He has given me dominion over the earth, yet I didn’t see money and relationships as​ part of​ that dominion. at​ that point I admitted I truly did believe that money and relationships had dominion over me.

This insight left my mouth hanging wide open! I had to​ admit that I did believe that money had control over me. My emotions. My social life. My business. My daughter and me. My home. Everything. I call these rough realizations “spiritual spankings” and God let me have it​ that day.

As I travel the country speaking, I am constantly baffled at​ how many of​ us do not do what God created us to​ do out of​ fear that it​ won’t pay the bills. it​ is​ easy to​ be faithful when the bills are paid, but can we believe beyond our circumstances? Can we believe God gives us dominion over money? Will we believe God will open up the windows of​ heaven and pour blessings upon us if​ we’d only listen to​ His urges that will lead us to​ financial prosperity beyond that which we can imagine? Your money flow will be blocked until you are fully on purpose and making the difference in​ the world you were born to​ make. How would your life change if​ you truly felt that living God’s vision is​ a​ blank check of​ joy, prosperity, and wealth?

Here’s a​ few things to​ work on in​ relation to​ vision and money:

1. Practice detaching your emotional state from your bank account balance. Your self-worth is​ not your net worth. Will you choose to​ be joy-filled and light even if​ your money is​ funny or​ circulating elsewhere?

2. Practice being sincerely happy for those that are receiving blessings. Especially the very blessings that resemble what it​ is​ you really want.

3. Boldly ask for what it​ is​ that you need. Stay in​ the mindset of​ expectation that God will handle not only all of​ your family’s needs, but their heart’s desires. God promises that He will provide our needs. God always comes through. The real issue is​ our level of​ faith and belief. How would your life change if​ you only believed?
Practice these three steps and you will be freed up around money—no matter what it​ looks like today—and well on your way to​ true wealth!

With All My Heart,

What If God Could Write You A Blank Check

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