What Exactly Is Virtual Web Hosting

What Exactly Is Virtual Web Hosting

So you have decided that you want to​ start a​ website, or​ even an​ e-commerce site. You have managed the​ site design, and​ have even purchased a​ domain name, but now what? You will never get any visitors to​ your site if​ it​ isn’t accessible via the​ web. the​ only way to​ do that is​ by using a​ server. the​ server will maintain a​ permanent connection with the​ web and​ on the​ server will be stored all the​ information about your website. in​ effect, users will come onto the​ server access your website and​ then when they decide to​ move to​ another website they will access information from another server. So, the​ real question is, what type of​ server do you need?

For all individual users and​ most small e-commerce users, virtual web hosting is​ the​ way to​ go. the​ other option, having a​ dedicated server, means that you will actually go out and​ purchase a​ big and​ very expensive piece of​ hardware that will be used for​ your website alone. Virtual web hosting is, essentially, renting a​ small piece of​ someone else’s server. Virtual web hosting which is​ also called shared hosting, because it​ usually means many different sites are all located on a​ single server, and​ is​ vastly more economical than owning and​ maintaining your own server. But beyond just economics, there are a​ great number of​ reasons to​ use virtual web hosting rather than dedicated hosting.

One primary reason is​ downtime. Running a​ server is​ often quite a​ bit more complex than running your own personal computer. There is​ a​ real need to​ stay on top of​ technological advancements, watch for​ usage spikes, and​ maintain adequate bandwidth access. a​ server is​ hardware that must stay in​ constant contact with the​ internet if​ people are to​ be able to​ access your site. as​ a​ result, trying to​ manage all of​ the​ aspects of​ a​ server, in​ order to​ ensure that the​ individuals are able to​ access your website all the​ time, can easily be a​ full time job. a​ job which, for​ most individuals and​ small companies, is​ simply unreasonable.

Consequently, the​ virtual web hosting industry has flourished. With easy to​ use interfaces, individuals who have no experience with internet hosting, or​ building their own website for​ that matter, are able to​ set up an​ account with a​ virtual web hosting company. These companies also often provide one stop shopping services such as​ email forwarding, data transfer, backup services for​ your website in​ case of​ a​ crash, technical support, and​ often your own set of​ email addresses specifically for​ your website.

All of​ these features are ultimately designed for​ one purpose, to​ make the​ process of​ putting up and​ managing a​ website a​ realistic possibility for​ individuals and​ small companies that would otherwise find the​ prospect of​ hiring a​ full time staff to​ maintain hosting impossible. the​ ease of​ use and​ the​ affordability of​ virtual web hosting have harnessed the​ power of​ economic collaboration to​ provide individuals and​ companies with a​ practical way to​ get and​ keep their site on the​ web.

What Exactly Is Virtual Web Hosting

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