What Equipment Do You Need When First Buying A Kitten

What Equipment Do You Need When First Buying A Kitten

What Equipment Do you Need When First Buying a​ Kitten?
Brining home your young kitty is​ very much like bringing home a​ newborn baby from the​ hospital .​
They both have very simple requirements .​
Both of​ them need to​ have the​ following basics covered: food, a​ place to​ sleep, and​ love.
Food is​ the​ first thing that you need to​ consider, and​ one way of​ quickly adjusting your kitten to​ his new home is​ to​ feed it .​
Make sure that you have a​ few days supply of​ whatever food the​ kitten is​ used to​ eating so that there’s no break in​ nutrition .​
Once kitty is​ settled, he’ll eat other things, but one way of​ providing security and​ showing that not everything has changed is​ by providing him with the​ same food he’s used to​ eating .​
Once he’s content enough to​ eat, then you can relax a​ little because he’s feeling secure .​
An insecure cat will not usually be so keen on eating in​ a​ strange place .​

Apart from the​ actual food, kitty should also have his own tableware! a​ dish for​ his food, another for​ water/milk and​ something for​ chopping his food up with is​ usually the​ minimum .​
if​ you are buying canned cat food, then you should also buy a​ plastic top for​ the​ can as​ in​ the​ early weeks there will be several meals in​ one can, and​ so the​ can will be stored in​ your refrigerator .​

For a​ cat, a​ place to​ sleep can be anywhere! Once it’s feeling safe, it​ will wander around the​ house and​ eventually chooses a​ spot or​ two that it​ prefers and​ you’ll often find him in​ one place or​ the​ other .​
for​ a​ physical bed, there are many types you can buy from beautiful wicker baskets of​ various sizes to​ beanbags and​ quilt type igloos, but a​ cat is​ a​ very independent animal with opinions about all things and​ so when first bringing your tiny kitty home you could consider just having a​ large box that it​ can’t escape out of​ without help, and​ placing a​ blanket that has his mother’s scent on it​ inside the​ box.
The last thing your kitty needs is​ plenty of​ love! This attention isn’t just to​ bond with your pet, but also to​ help it​ feel secure in​ his new home .​
Once your kitten is​ secure he’ll eat properly, sleep without mewing and​ even have less accidents as​ it​ will be easier to​ potty train him .​

As you can see, it​ needn’t take a​ lot of​ money to​ kit your kitty out, but it​ does require a​ little bit of​ thought before you bring him home .​
Cover his basic needs and​ he’ll soon settle into his place as​ head of​ your household!

What Equipment Do You Need When First Buying A Kitten

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