What Does My New Baby Really Need A Guide To Shopping For Your New Baby

What Does My New Baby Really Need A Guide To Shopping For Your New Baby

What is​ it​ do I really need to​ buy for​ my new baby? While writing my latest book found at​ www.CareForMyBaby.com I found that this is​ a​ question a​ lot of​ new moms must ask themselves. Having a​ new baby is​ a​ huge expense, and​ it​ is​ hard to​ stay on budget when you see all of​ the​ cute outfits in​ the​ stores. While all of​ the​ tiny things are really tempting to​ buy, please keep in​ mind that babies grow really fast. One of​ the​ biggest mistakes that new parents make is​ over shopping for​ clothes. Remember, you will probably keep baby in​ a​ lot during those first few months so cute outfits with matching hats and​ shoes may not get any use. Plus if​ you are going to​ have a​ baby shower you will receive a​ lot of​ cute outfits fit for​ your little bundle of​ joy. Below is​ a​ list of​ things that I put together as​ a​ guide for​ you to​ use while doing your shopping. Remember to​ do your shopping after your baby shower this way you will only buy what you need.

Health and​ Safety

digital thermometer
nasal aspirator
infant acetaminophen drops
baby monitor
night lightBaby Care Products
baby shampoo/baby wash
diaper cream
baby nail clippers or​ safety scissors
baby oil/lotion
baby brush and​ comb
a couple of​ pacifiers (even if​ you don't plan to​ use!)

Layette and​ Diapering

newborn diapers/cloth diapers/wraps or​ set up diaper service
baby wipes and/or extra baby washcloths
diaper pail
burp cloths or​ extra cloth diapers
gowns/kimonos or​ newborn sleepers (4-6)
receiving blankets (4-6)
swaddling blankets (2-3)
crib blanket or​ quilt
newborn socks or​ booties (4-6 pair)
newborn cap (1-2)
hooded bath towels and​ wash cloth
4-6 T-shirts or​ all-in-ones
1-2 sweaters or​ bunting (depending upon season)

Baby Equipment

baby carrier (sling, wrap or​ pack carrier)
infant seat (have to​ bring it​ to​ the​ hospital!)
stroller or​ carriage
bouncer seat or​ swing
diaper bag

Furniture and​ Accessories

co-sleeper/bassinet/cradle or​ crib
mattress, waterproof pads, at​ least two sheets and​ other bedding
changing table or​ other safe changing area
mobile for​ the​ crib and/or changing area
changing pad and​ 2 coversNursing Necessities
nursing pillow
washable or​ disposable nursing pads
rental, electric or​ manual breast pump and​ storage bottles or​ bags if​ you plan to​ pump milk
feeding bottles (2-4 4 oz to​ start), nipples, and​ bottle brush if​ you plan to​ use bottles

Below you will find a​ short list of​ things new moms will need to​ have on hand.

New Mother Care

sitzbath herbs
big box of​ extra-long maxi pads for​ locchia
nursing nightgown or​ comfy cotton pajamas
small tube of​ modified lanolin or​ other product to​ soothe sore nipples
nursing bras (1-2 comfy nursing bras plus a​ sleep bra to​ take to​ the​ hospital -- you can get more when your milk comes in, in​ case your size changes)

Other Good Ideas

pick out birth announcements (address envelopes before baby comes, if​ possible)
make a​ Belly Cast to​ remember this amazing time!

Also a​ good thing to​ know is​ that some of​ these accessories and​ gadgets are fun to​ have. Some of​ them even help make your life easier. However these are not must haves, all your baby really needs is​ your love and​ affection and​ your baby will grow and​ flourish. Remember you must have a​ car seat for​ baby, because the​ hospital will not let you leave without it! Plus you want to​ protect your little miracle in​ any way possible. Relax and​ enjoy this time with your precious baby because this time will never return.

If possible line up friends and​ family who will bring meals or​ come help you out at​ home after the​ baby is​ born (and a​ good friend to​ coordinate) and/or hire a​ doula to​ help. This way you can spend even more time just worrying about the​ baby, while someone else worries about YOU!

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