What Do You Need To Know About Real Estate

What Do You Need To Know About Real Estate

What do you need to​ know about real estate
An estate agent is​ one who is​ involved in​ the​ sale of​ houses and​ land .​
The job of​ estate agent is​ not new .​
But with a​ rise in​ population, the​ task of​ estate agent has gained momentum .​
With increasing number of​ people there are more houses and​ lands to​ be sold and​ purchased .​
This article will thus mainly deal with the​ job profile of​ an​ estate agent, the​ requirements to​ enter this business and​ an​ evaluation made by enumerating the​ pros and​ cons of​ it .​
What basically is​ the​ Job of​ Estate Agent-
An estate agent can work independently or​ under a​ broker .​
There are many agents working under a​ broker .​
Most often agents are confined to​ the​ estates of​ a​ particular area .​
This job is​ best suited to​ those who have excellent interacting skills or​ those who like communicating with people .​
Estate agents have the​ advantage to​ work liberally .​
But it​ requires acute capital investment and​ endurance .​
Outlay comes in​ the​ form of​ opening an​ office, advertisements and​ making contacts .​
What it​ takes to​ be an​ Estate Agent -:

Any 18 year old or​ above individual can become an​ estate agent .​
In order to​ be so, an​ individual has to​ join a​ training college, which will not only impart usual knowledge (rules and​ regulations and​ strategy to​ work) and​ skills to​ this business but will also facilitate him with a​ license .​
There are many colleges and​ courses available in​ this regard .​
However, try to​ join the​ best or​ eminent college in​ your area and​ the​ course that meets all your essentials .​
There is​ ample of​ information online and​ in​ yellow pages with respect to​ this.
Any individual meeting the​ age criteria and​ can apply for​ a​ license .​
The license is​ given on the​ grounds of​ performance in​ a​ test .​
In order to​ take the​ test, fees has to​ be paid .​
The amount of​ the​ fees and​ the​ format of​ the​ test vary from state to​ state .​
But everywhere this test comprises of​ questions on English, Math and​ your wisdom about the​ job of​ an​ estate agent .​
This license thus procured has to​ be renewed within a​ span of​ time like two, three, four years or​ so .​
The duration also depends on your state government .​

The merits and​ demerits-
Like every job or​ business, the​ task of​ estate agent too has several pros and​ cons attached to​ it .​
• There is​ an​ opportunity to​ work democratically as​ an​ estate agent .​
There is​ no pressure by seniors and​ thirst to​ impress your boss here but on the​ same hand large amount of​ money is​ needed to​ make your business a​ success story.
• Working independent makes you the​ sole master of​ your earnings .​
There is​ no sharing of​ it​ with other agents .​
But lot of​ risk is​ involved in​ running your own business for​ it​ is​ quite possible that even after some years of​ your work you may not be able to​ incur any great profits .​
• The job of​ an​ estate agent requires you to​ be clever and​ hard working .​
There is​ lot of​ competition in​ this area .​
It is​ upon you that how you make the​ deal possible by outwitting the​ rest of​ the​ agents of​ your area .​
• Those agents who endeavor to​ make money by hook or​ by crook do not flourish for​ long .​
Being adroit in​ business does not implicate cunningness .​
The state laws should be followed throughout and​ one should never aim to​ deceive the​ client or​ government .​
The amount of​ margins is​ fixed and​ legal on a​ deal .​
To accrue benefits apart from that is​ illicit in​ any case.

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