What Do I Need To Worry About When Buying A Second Hand Car

What Do I Need To Worry About When Buying A Second Hand Car

If you apply a​ little common sense when looking to​ purchase a​ second hand car, all should go well, and you could end up getting a​ car which will serve you well for a​ long time.

However, if​ you rush blindly into what seems like a​ good deal, then you could end up not even getting the car home before it​ breaks down.

When thinking of​ purchasing a​ car second hand there are some points which you should give consideration to​ and be on the look out for when giving your potential new car the once over.

Always go to​ view the car in​ good light. Never, ever go at​ night or​ view in​ an​ area which has very poor lighting. if​ the seller is​ reluctant to​ show you the vehicle in​ good lightning conditions, consider this a​ warning sign.

Always spend time looking for rust on the bodywork .While a​ few surface blisters are usually harmless, corrosion is​ a​ totally different thing. if​ you see a​ rust blemish then gently rub it​ with your finger and if​ you hear a​ rustling noise this could mean there is​ corrosion underneath the rust.

Look for any signs that the vehicle has been in​ a​ collision previously. Obvious signs are joins where the car has been welded, or​ creases on the bodywork.

Where possible take a​ qualified mechanic with you to​ view the vehicle before handing over any money.

Take the car for a​ test drive – it​ may be uncomfortable or​ have a​ blind spot. You can also see then just how ‘healthy’ it​ sounds.

Finally, walk away from the deal if​ anything such as​ the owner not being able to​ supply you with the correct documentation happens. if​ the vehicle registration documents do not agree with the address where you are viewing the car, be suspicious. The car could be stolen or​ it​ could be trader posing as​ a​ private seller.

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