What Do I Look For In A Home I M Buying Now If I Want To Resell It Later

What Do I Look For In A Home I M Buying Now If I Want To Resell It Later

What Do I​ Look For In a​ Home I’m Buying Now, If I​ Want To Resell It Later?
That’s a​ good question! You want to​ purchase a​ home that will give you a​ good resell value later on .​
To do this, look at​ the type of​ home you’re planning to​ purchase that may be attractive to​ future buyers .​
When you’re looking to​ purchase a​ home, check to​ see if​ some or​ all of​ these features are offered:
1 .​
Location of​ the home .​
is​ the home located in​ a​ good neighborhood that is​ close to​ schools, stores, freeways, etc...
2 .​
Check the crime rate for the area you’re thinking about purchasing in .​
What are the crime rate statistics .​
is​ the neighborhood safe?
3 .​
is​ there anticipated growth for the areas such as: new schools, stores, future planned homes, etc.. .​
How will this affect you in​ the future?
4 .​
Try to​ make sure the square footage of​ your home is​ at​ least 1200, in​ order to​ increase the likelihood of​ being able to​ resell.
5 .​
Look for homes that have at​ least three bedrooms as​ part of​ your prospective home purchase .​
This will be helpful in​ reselling your home in​ the future.
6 .​
You may want to​ look at​ whether or​ not the home should have one or​ two stories .​
Most people purchasing homes are interested in​ two stories .​
However, the elderly or​ individuals with certain disabilities may want to​ purchase a​ home that is​ a​ single story.
7 .​
If the home you’re thinking about purchasing has a​ pool, keep in​ mind this may limit the number of​ prospective buyers if​ you decide to​ sell your home .​
Pools don’t necessarily add much value to​ the home and can be expensive to​ maintain!
8 .​
You may want to​ consider having a​ garage which can accommodate a​ minimum of​ two cars .​
This is​ usually an​ attractive and expected feature for buyers.
9 .​
The number of​ bathrooms is​ also important .​
Getting a​ home with at​ minimum of​ two bathrooms is​ a​ must when purchasing a​ home for future resell.
10 .​
Make sure the home you’re considering has a​ fireplace, air conditioning and heating system.
When you purchase a​ home, just think of​ being able to​ get a​ good return on your investment if​ you had to​ resell .​
In most cases at​ a​ bare minimum you want to​ get the money you have invested in​ your home out of​ it, if​ you had to​ sell for some reason .​
It’s even better if​ you can make a​ profit on you sale isn’t it? I​ thought so, just be wise when you’re purchasing your home, it’s an​ investment in​ your future!

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