What Currency To Use When Vacationing In Mexico

What Currency To Use When Vacationing In Mexico
While it​ may seem a​ simple question to​ some,​ what currency you should use while vacationing in​ Mexico is​ often asked and more often gotten wrong .​
Most people know that the​ national currency of​ Mexico is​ the​ Peso,​ but most assume that the​ American dollar works just as​ well,​ if​ not better .​
It is​ a​ common misconception that Mexican merchants and vendors see the​ dollar as​ more desirable and revered,​ but that is​ not necessarily true.
Most retailers and merchants in​ Mexico will politely accept American dollars,​ but they prefer Pesos .​
The exception would be in​ Northern Mexico and Baja where merchants happily accept dollars and there isn't much chance to​ offend .​
You just need to​ make sure in​ these cases that you get a​ fair exchange rate .​
It is​ also a​ better deal for the​ tourist to​ use Pesos because prices are almost always less expensive when using Pesos .​
You can plan ahead and use a​ currency exchange service before you travel,​ although you may find that a​ currency exchange at​ the​ airport might give you the​ best exchange rate .​
a​ good bill amount to​ obtain might be 500 Pesos,​ which would come in​ handy for tipping the​ bellman or​ a​ waiter .​
You can use your debit or​ credit card for all your other transactions and you can take along traveler's checks for any emergency that comes along .​
All of​ your cards and travelers checks can be replaced if​ stolen so don't take an​ inordinate amount of​ cash with you .​
If you run low on​ cash you can always replenish your pocketbook at​ the​ many ATM bank machines that are prevalent in​ resort areas .​
You can cash your traveler's checks at​ an​ exchange house or​ a​ bank,​ which will result in​ the​ face value of​ the​ check multiplied by that day's rate of​ exchange .​
If the​ place you go tries to​ charge a​ fee for doing this,​ go somewhere else,​ as​ it​ is​ not common practice to​ levy fees or​ commissions for cashing traveler's checks .​
And don't forget that friends and family will appreciate and enjoy seeing coins and currency from distant lands when you get home .​
Be sure to​ keep some Pesos to​ give a​ show and tell when you return .​
If you have children you will especially appreciate how much they will enjoy showing off your booty to​ their friends .​
And putting some of​ the​ Pesos you get while on​ vacation into your scrapbook or​ photo album will be a​ great reminder of​ all the​ fun you had in​ Mexico.
Using the​ currency of​ Mexico will not only make your cash go farther,​ but it​ will also stimulate your mind as​ you take in​ all the​ colorful images printed on​ the​ Pesos and immerse yourself into the​ culture of​ Mexico .​
Go to​ a​ currency exchange service and get a​ lot of​ different small denominations .​
Learning what certain everyday items cost and how little you have to​ spend to​ have a​ good time will only serve to​ better your vacation experience .​
Have fun!

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