What Can A Sleep Number Bed Offer You

What Can A Sleep Number Bed Offer You

Are you tired of​ tossing and turning every night as​ you struggle to​ get to​ sleep? if​ you regularly have difficulty getting to​ sleep at​ night, then not only will it​ affect your performance during the day, it​ could also affect your health. One answer could be a​ new bed that lets you control your bed settings! You may well have seen Sleep Number Beds advertised on TV, these beds have been designed to​ give you a​ level of​ firmness that you want and can control.

Instead of​ the traditional coils and springs, the Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort provides adjustable air chambers which you can control at​ a​ touch of​ a​ button to​ determine how firm you want your mattress to​ be. So, instead of​ fighting with your bed at​ night as​ you struggle to​ get to​ sleep, you now get to​ control it!

But what if​ your partner isn’t comfortable with your bed settings? Well, Select Comfort has designed their Sleep Number Beds to​ be controlled individually by each partner. You get to​ control your side of​ the bed and your partner controls their side of​ the bed. This lets you both have a​ level of​ comfort that you both can be happy with!

Select Comfort are so confident that you’ll be happy with their beds that they allow you a​ 30-day trial period with the bed to​ see if​ you like it. This means you can try if​ out for free and if​ there’s anything you don’t like about it​ then you can simply return it. if​ you do decide to​ keep your Sleep Number Bed, then your bed will be backed with a​ 20 year guarantee to​ give you some peace of​ mind.

However, Sleep Number Beds aren’t cheap; this level of​ comfort doesn’t come cheaply. But Select Comfort do have their own financing scheme if​ you’d rather pay in​ installments.

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