What Are Some Natural Hypoglycemia Treatments

What Are Some Natural Hypoglycemia Treatments

Hypoglycemia is​ a​ condition where there is​ low blood sugar. Symptoms of​ this include anxiety, trembling, heart palpitations, sweating, and​ dilated pupils. Many symptoms can occur or​ become more severe after eating. it​ is​ important to​ consult a​ physician if​ these symptoms are present to​ rule out more serious complications. However, there are many natural ways to​ reduce effects and​ control the​ condition.

A healthy diet is​ essential in​ treating hypoglycemia. Eliminating sugar from the​ diet, or​ greatly reducing it​ proves to​ have positive results. This includes candy, cookies, pastries and​ other types of​ sweets commonly eaten. Care should also be taken to​ reduce the​ amount of​ alcohol and​ caffeine intake. Choose foods high in​ complex carbohydrates and​ high in​ fiber. it​ is​ also important to​ eat regularly at​ the​ same time each day. Do not skip meals or​ delay meals unnecessarily. Foods with artificial sweeteners can also prove damaging, and​ reducing the​ amount of​ this type of​ food will benefit greatly. Get in​ the​ habit of​ reading the​ labels on food products to​ avoid hidden ingredients.

Use of​ nutritional supplements will also alleviate symptoms of​ hypoglycemia. Chromium, fish oil and​ magnesium have been proven good dietary supplements. Chromium is​ especially recommended as​ a​ diet supplement. Also, selenium and​ N-acetyl cysteine are recommended. Vitamin additions to​ the​ diet may be helpful. the​ most common vitamin recommendation is​ niacinamide. Alternately, add the​ use of​ a​ multivitamin.

There are psychological conditions that may cause the​ onset of​ hypoglycemia and​ it​ is​ important to​ reduce those factors. Ensure a​ full night’s sleep is​ attained as​ sleeplessness can aggravate symptoms. Learning relaxation techniques will also help. Try meditation or​ other calming exercises to​ reduce stress levels. Learn to​ control the​ rhythm of​ breathing in​ case of​ distress. This calming ability will help offset any ill effects.

Being active and​ exercising is​ a​ valuable health benefit. Not only does it​ keep the​ body healthy and​ reduce possible effects of​ hypoglycemia, it​ also is​ a​ relaxation technique. Do not overdo it, however. Exercise at​ a​ comfortable level several times per week, employing aerobic fitness such as​ walking, using a​ treadmill or​ bicycling.

Hypoglycemia is​ a​ condition that affects millions of​ people worldwide. the​ numbers are rising steadily with more people eating foods high in​ sugar. This condition is​ easily controlled, though, with the​ use of​ proper diet, exercise and​ supplements. Small changes in​ lifestyle can greatly reduce the​ ill effects of​ hypoglycemia symptoms.

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