What Are The Features Of A Mini Digital Camera

What Are The Features Of A Mini Digital Camera

What Are the​ Features of​ a​ Mini Digital Camera?
There are many different kinds of​ mini digital cameras available .​
The world’s smallest digital camera, which has been around for​ a​ number of​ years now, is​ the​ Smart mini digital camera .​
It’s ultra-compact, multifunctional, and​ smaller than a​ credit card .​
But this mini digital camera takes jaw-dropping digital photos and​ can even double as​ a​ webcam because of​ its built-in personal computer camera functions.
The Smart mini digital camera comes loaded with 16MB of​ built-in ROM, allowing you to​ store up to​ 20 pictures .​
Downloading the​ photos to​ your computer is​ easy, simply connect it​ to​ your pc with the​ USB cables that come with it​ nd use the​ included software package .​
The software also has editing capability, allowing you to​ crop pictures and​ make any desired color adjustments.
In additon, it’s 352x288 pixel screen allows you to​ use it​ as​ a​ webcam to​ communicate with friends .​
This mini digital camera is​ so compact; it​ will even fit on your key ring .​
And it​ comes complete with its own key ring attachment and​ leather pouch .​
It also has compatibility with Microsoft operating systems from Windows 98 forwards.
The mini digital camera includes an​ LCD display, letting you know just how many pictures you have taken in​ the​ still photo mode, or​ telling you the​ amount of​ ROM available in​ continuous mode .​
The display also tells you which function is​ currently activated .​
Change the​ shooting mode of​ the​ camera with the​ touch of​ the​ button; choose between high resolution and​ low resolution .​
Do you want to​ be in​ your own photographs? the​ Smart mini digital camera also has an​ auto-shoot mode.
Casio also has two mini digital cameras, the​ EXZ55 and​ the​ EXTRA-S100 .​
While they are more expensive and​ slightly larger than the​ Smart mini digital camera, they do take higher-quality photographs .​
The Smart mini digital camera is​ best used as​ a​ webcam .​
The EXZ55 mini digital camera is​ 87 millimeters wide by 58 millimeters high by 22.5 millimeters deep .​
Or 3.45 inches wide by 2.23 inches wide by 0.89 inches wide .​
This is​ the​ size of​ a​ credit card, but slightly thicker .​
The EX-S100 is​ smaller, measuring 88 millimeters wide by 57 millimeters high by 16.7 millimeters deep .​
Or 3.46 inches by 2.24 inches by 0.66 inches deep .​
The EXZ55 mini digital camera has five megapixels with a​ 3x optical zoom and​ a​ 2.5 inch LCD display.

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