What Are The Best Car Auctions In Chicago

What Are The Best Car Auctions In Chicago

Car auctions are a​ popular way to​ buy and​ sell cars, in​ particular, cars selling at​ car auctions generally sell for​ much less than at​ a​ garage or​ a​ local car trading store. This is​ why many people around the​ world turn to​ car auctions to​ buy and​ sell cars.

Having been to​ many car auctions ourselves, we have decided to​ offer a​ guideline as​ to​ what goes on at​ the​ car auctions and​ what a​ person can expect once they arrive.

There are generally four parts to​ a​ car auction and​ there is​ no difference for​ the​ Chicago car auction. Basically, what happens is​ firstly, there is​ a​ testing period of​ the​ auction. This part of​ the​ auction normally happens well before the​ auction, normally, this part happens the​ day before the​ actual auction where the​ cars are sold. This gives the​ people bidding an​ opportunity to​ test drives the​ vehicles being sold.

After the​ test drive

Once the​ test drive part of​ the​ auction is​ over with, it​ will be the​ next day and​ it​ will be time for​ the​ bidding part of​ the​ auction to​ commence. During this part of​ the​ Chicago car auction, you will be offered the​ chance to​ bid on the​ cars being sold. Stay in​ your budget however, you can en up getting to​ excited, stretching way over your budget.

Staying in​ budget

To make money selling and​ buying cars, it​ is​ important you stick to​ a​ budget you can afford, an​ also, before hand, you should have researched the​ cars that are selling retail price. This will give you an​ idea pf the​ profit you can expect when closing deals on cars.

Payment for​ the​ car you have won at​ the​ Chicago car auction

You will be asked to​ show your winning ticket to​ the​ reception, you will then be shown a​ method of​ payment. it​ is​ rare car auctions accept check nowadays due to​ fraud problems. So, be sure to​ be prepared and​ bring a​ visa or​ debit card for​ the​ method of​ payment

The checkout process

Once you have paid for​ the​ car at​ the​ Chicago car auction, be sure to​ get the​ keys from reception for​ the​ car you have won. if​ all is​ ok and​ payment clears, you will be allowed to​ drive the​ car away the​ same day of​ winning the​ car, normally at​ the​ closing time of​ the​ auction you have attended.

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