Western North Carolina Real Estate A Virtual Tour Of Black Mountain
North Carolina

Western North Carolina Real Estate A Virtual Tour Of Black Mountain North Carolina

Western North Carolina Real Estate: a​ Virtual Tour of​ Black Mountain, North Carolina
The North Carolina Mountains have attracted tourists for​ decades, but are now attracting would-be homebuyers more than ever .​
Those considering relocation to​ the​ mountains and​ those seeking Western North Carolina real estate are often enticed by the​ state's natural beauty and​ acres of​ green land just waiting to​ be claimed .​
One area in​ particular that offers plenty of​ prime Western North Carolina real estate is​ Black Mountain.
Black Mountain and​ the​ surrounding area feature many lots for​ sale, Asheville just moments away, and​ a​ variety of​ real estate settings for​ new home construction .​
There are also many styles of​ mountain homes to​ fit every family's needs .​
Some enjoy owning a​ second vacation home at​ Black Mountain while others move there permanently.
Touring Black Mountain
Though the​ calm, quiet mountain setting is​ why many homebuyers relocate to​ Black Mountain, the​ area offers many attractions and​ events that make life more enjoyable for​ everyone .​
Residents get the​ benefit of​ tourist attractions so there's never a​ boring moment .​
For the​ nature adventurer, Black Mountain offers great hiking and​ biking with scenic trails at​ almost every corner .​
It's not uncommon to​ hap upon a​ waterfall, creek, or​ even deer! the​ Blue Ridge Parkway is​ just minutes up the​ road and​ offers scenic driving, picnic areas, nature areas for​ hiking or​ exploring, and​ much more .​
Black Mountain also has a​ fantastic 18-hole golf course for​ the​ avid golfer.
Those wanting to​ relax can enjoy a​ nighttime stroll at​ Lake Tomahawk in​ the​ city park .​
They can stroll downtown and​ enjoy the​ numerous gift shops, galleries, craft stores, and​ the​ old-fashioned general store .​
Dining in​ Black Mountain has never been better with delicious entrees offered by a​ number of​ restaurants such as​ Black Mountain Bistro, Perry's BBQ, the​ Cellar Door, Tong Sing Restaurant, Pepper's Deli, Coach House Seafood, Olympic Flame Restaurant, Little Taste of​ Europe, Highland Grill & Oyster Bar, and​ many others .​
There are also pizza houses, ice cream parlors, and​ mouth-watering goodies at​ the​ local bakeries.
Black Mountain is​ near Asheville, NC so it's just a​ quick drive to​ enjoy all that Asheville has to​ offer .​
There's the​ Biltmore Estate in​ Asheville, a​ gorgeous French mansion with more than 250 rooms to​ explore .​
Asheville also offers galleries and​ stores along the​ Urban Trail .​
Only 30 minutes away is​ the​ scenic Chimney Rock Park, an​ amazing rock peak with plenty of​ hiking trails and​ forests below for​ the​ nature lover.
Black Mountain Festivals
Black Mountain hosts a​ number of​ festivals throughout the​ year such as​ the​ Great Southeastern Hiking Festival, the​ annual Sourwood Festival, and​ holiday festivals including the​ Pumpkin Festival, the​ Christmas Parade, and​ the​ Circle of​ Lights.
Black Mountain Relocation
Western North Carolina real estate is​ readily available in​ Black Mountain for​ those considering a​ move to​ the​ area .​
Black Mountain offers its residents mountain seclusion and​ tranquility for​ their homes with a​ nearby small town for​ shopping and​ meeting neighborhood friends .​
Those who are thinking of​ moving to​ Black Mountain can search land for​ sale, Black Mountain real estate, and​ Asheville real estate easily on the​ Web to​ discover their new dream mountain home.

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