Welcome To The World Of Css Web Design

Welcome To The World Of Css Web Design

Welcome To the​ World of​ CSS Web Design
Although CSS was first introduced in​ the​ mid 1990s, it​ did not become a​ mainstream tool among web designers and​ masters until more recent years .​
This is​ unfortunate, because there are millions of​ poorly designed web sites cluttering the​ internet that could be easily improved with the​ help of​ CSS.
So what exactly is​ CSS? CSS is​ an​ acronym that stands for​ Cascading Style Sheets .​
The term Cascading Style Sheets implies two things .​
First off, the​ style sheets are cascading .​
This means that multiple style sheets can be used for​ a​ single web page .​
Additionally, the​ term cascading also refers to​ the​ way a​ style is​ determined in​ the​ event that more than one rule matches a​ single element .​
The second thing that is​ implied by the​ name Cascading Style Sheets is​ that the​ purpose of​ CSS is​ to​ style web pages .​
Whereas the​ purpose of​ HTML (or XHTML) is​ to​ define the​ structure of​ a​ web page, the​ purpose of​ CSS is​ to​ define the​ presentation.
The reason that so many web pages have broken layouts in​ different browsers is​ because they try to​ use HTML to​ control the​ structure and​ presentation of​ the​ page .​
The most common abuse of​ HTML is​ attempting to​ use tables as​ a​ presentation method .​
Although you may be able to​ achieve the​ look you want in​ a​ single browser, your web page will look broken and​ distorted in​ many other browsers .​
The only time that tables should be used is​ to​ hold a​ set of​ data (such as​ the​ results from a​ scientific experiment) .​
If you do have a​ legitimate use for​ tables on your web page, you can even use CSS to​ style your table and​ make it​ more attractive.
By taking the​ time to​ learn CSS, you will be able to​ create a​ web page that looks much more consistent across a​ variety of​ browsers.

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