Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Most people carry some form of​ insurance such as​ auto,​ medical,​ life,​ etc. Since the​ average cost of​ the​ more than 2 million weddings in​ the​ U.S. is​ over $20,​000,​ wedding insurance can cover billions of​ dollars caused by damages. With so much money spent on​ weddings knowledgeable couples incorporate wedding insurance into their overall wedding planning strategy. Wedding insurance offers protection against something going wrong,​ the​ wedding being cancelled or​ postponed.

Wedding insurance allows for flexibility in​ coverage. Just to​ mention a​ few,​ policies may cover for cancellation,​ unforeseen expenses,​ wedding gown,​ video and photographs,​ jewelry,​ venue property,​ gifts,​ liability,​ medical expenses. Depending on​ the​ coverage wedding insurance can cost as​ little as​ a​ couple of​ hundred dollars.

Some of​ the​ most common items covered by wedding insurance are:

Jewelry: This coverage is​ designed to​ replace or​ repair damaged wedding rings.

Liability: if​ someone falls on​ the​ dance floor,​ it​ can cover some of​ the​ medical expenses. Some wedding reception venues may require such insurance in​ the​ contract. This policy can also help if​ someone of​ the​ wedding party damages equipment or​ furniture. Without this coverage you​ and your new spouse may find yourselves in​ court with one of​ your wedding guests.

Weather: Unfortunately,​ natural disasters have been part of​ our lives,​ and for the​ most part unavoidable in​ the​ future. This type of​ coverage is​ very much influenced by your geographical area.

Video and Photography: This coverage will help you​ to​ reunite the​ wedding party in​ an​ event when your photographer is​ a​ no show,​ or​ the​ photographs are defective or​ damaged,​ the​ negatives are lost,​ etc.

Service Providers: This coverage will help minimize the​ damage caused by vendors who fail to​ provide a​ contracted product or​ service,​ it​ can cover such as​ non-refundable deposits,​ and expenses occurred due to​ finding new vendors.

Although you​ can’t insure against a​ gloomy day,​ you​ can certainly insure against disasters such as​ hurricanes or​ fires. Wedding insurance can cover just about everything except for a​ change of​ heart. Disasters and mishaps will have their toll on​ your overall wedding experience,​ but you​ can minimize the​ long-term effects by obtaining wedding insurance.

Wedding Insurance

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