Webmasters Are Obsessing Over Page Rank

Page Rank was started to​ help internet users understand which page is​ relevant and​ important in​ a​ search, normally the​ higher the​ page rank the​ better search position you will have on Google. Page Rank is​ a​ number form 1-10 which Google gives each web page so internet users know the​ importance and​ the​ Google search engine knows how to​ position the​ page on the​ search engine results. Google thinks the​ page is​ on the​ web. Many people who have a​ website are looking at​ the​ best ways of​ increasing their Google page rank. an​ important fact to​ remember is​ that Page Rank is​ calculated on a​ webpage by webpage basis not on a​ website by website basis.

To other website owners your page rank may be a​ source of​ envy. Given that the​ internet has grown so rapidly over the​ past decade, the​ competition for​ the​ best search engine position has created an​ enormous market focused on how best to​ position a​ website for​ better rankings on Google, Yahoo and​ other prominent search engines.

Search engines will rank your page higher than one with less links back to​ it. the​ formula to​ increasing your page rank is​ quite easy, but you will have to​ work to​ get it.

1. Join a​ reciprocal link exchange program, some are free some cost money. Try to​ get at​ least 30-50 exchange per week.

2. Write article and​ distribute them to​ as​ many article sites as​ possible or​ join a​ program that will distribute for​ you. Write at​ least 4-5 article per month.

3. Submit your links to​ as​ many web directories as​ possible. Submit to​ 30-50 per week.

4. if​ you are selling a​ product create an​ affiliate program where others sell your product. They will place the​ links their sites and​ they will point back to​ your site, another one way link.

Links that are pointing to​ your site are very important in​ the​ page rank system, each link is​ counted as​ a​ vote to​ your website, if​ you receive votes with high pr that will you’re your pr, more links the​ more votes the​ better the​ ranking in​ the​ search engine results.

PR does not depend on the​ quality of​ site but it​ is​ the​ criteria which measures the​ value of​ a​ web page only. Many webmaster put a​ lot of​ emphasis on page rank, and​ most of​ the​ time they will not link their site with a​ site that has a​ page rank that is​ lower than their own in​ the​ fear it​ will drop their page rank. When you link your site to​ another website that means you vote for​ it. to​ get your PR rating up it​ is​ essential to​ have a​ significant number of​ good quality links to​ your site.

So how do you attract traffic the​ natural way. Sadly, most of​ this traffic is​ not qualified. the​ most difficult challenge most web designers face is​ getting traffic to​ your site. if​ you do not have a​ large advertising budget, traffic exchanges can be an​ effective way to​ advertise your site for​ free. Traffic exchanges, sometimes known as​ surfing sites, can bring a​ steady stream of​ visitors to​ your website, for​ no payment - very important for​ a​ business startup if​ you want to​ make money online from home.

Most people believe that the​ higher your Google Page Rank, the​ higher you'll be in​ the​ search results listing. Yes pages and​ or​ sites with a​ higher page rank seem to​ rank better than those sites that do not have a​ page rank, but don’t be fooled the​ site without a​ page rank might have a​ higher ranking but Google has not updated its page rank on the​ tool bar, Google usually updates 4 times a​ year. the​ only thought on most peoples minds if​ they own a​ website is​ how do increase traffic and​ how do I get a​ higher page rank.

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