Webconference Applications For Service

Webconference Applications For Service

WEBconference applications for​ service
Of course, the​ users have to​ read the​ training material; understandably, the​ reading can be monotonous .​
However, producing step-by-step videos for​ the​ purpose of​ instructing does not make economic sense .​
This is​ especially difficult if​ the​ user seeking assistance is​ extremely ill-informed.
An after-sales service team puts together technical demonstration online to​ explore and​ explain the​ problem .​
a​ panic button on the​ WEB site connects the​ client to​ a​ meeting room from where the​ presentation is​ made, simultaneously, by an​ agent .​
The agent might ask the​ client to​ go to​ a​ specific page of​ a​ knowledge database; for​ example, the​ one that describes step by step all the​ steps required to​ complete anoperation .​
Also, the​ usual questions, the​ FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions), are put together on prerecorded help clips that the​ clients can consult, as​ free service, 24 hours a​ day, 7 days a​ week .​

The audio-visual is​ without doubt the​ most powerful of​ all media .​
The television and​ cinema are proof enough for​ this .​
The level of​ comprehension is​ manifestly superior as​ is​ the​ level of​ satisfaction of​ the​ clientele .​
By converting part of​ the​ technical assistance requests to​ self-service, the​ cost per client can be lowered, thus enabling more resources to​ be available for​ the​ more difficult cases .​
Thus, with us, long distance technical support, in​ telework, is​ available just a​ click away.

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