Web Video Propels Search Engine Rankings

Web Video Propels Search Engine Rankings

I first got the​ phone call a​ month or​ so ago. I was knee deep in​ web site marketing projects and​ was actually jammed to​ capacity. I was looking to​ finish up all of​ my small jobs so I could move forward and​ do some more challenging assignments. Plus I was in​ the​ middle of​ releasing some top notch online hybrid techniques that I was about to​ figure out on my own. This has become somewhat of​ a​ hobby of​ mine if​ not an​ obsession. This phone call was different from the​ ones that usually come into my office. as​ I learned more about my prospect on the​ other end of​ the​ phone I became somewhat intrigued.


The project that fell on my desk was for​ an​ online campaign for​ the​ Philippines. I have no idea about anything that pertains to​ Philippine culture but this didn’t stop me from getting involved. I was fascinated with the​ challenge of​ getting involved with this amazing project. You see, this customer was none other than the​ famous David Newby, Best Selling Author to, “Why Didn’t Anyone Teach Me This?”. Newby is​ well known for​ his financial strategies that he teaches here in​ the​ states and​ abroad. I was eager to​ get started and​ got so wound up in​ the​ conversation that I didn’t clarify the​ details. You see, I thought we had over a​ month to​ get this thing launched properly. Pleasantries were exchanged and​ money changed hands and​ my new customer was zooming off in​ his candy apple red Lamborghini

………..it turns out I was wrong. I had 4 days to​ pull off the​ impossible.

I had exactly under 4 working days to​ get my client, David Newby, listed and​ ranked highly on Google and​ Yahoo. That is​ not a​ whole lot of​ time. You see, we had decided not to​ bother putting up any pay per click campaigns up for​ our efforts. We didn’t even want to​ put any sponsored links up. We were going to​ play a​ straight game of​ organic search engine rankings and​ do it​ very quickly. That meant that I had to​ get his pages at​ the​ top of​ Google without paying a​ dime.

Could it​ be done? Could we actually get our pages included into the​ Google directory index and​ have our pages rank at​ the​ very top? I knew that if​ I could actually get Newby in​ the​ top ten just once I had done my job. if​ I was able to​ get him listed just one time for​ every keyword set he had designed I would have been pleased. I had my work cut out for​ me. This meant that I had to​ get on the​ move. the​ more I sat around pondering the​ less time I had to​ make history happen.


The one thing we did that catapulted our results into another stratosphere was digital video. This wasn’t just your ordinary web video. We shot the​ video using a​ HD camera with high resolution and​ a​ green screen effect. Basically we used a​ simple chroma key effect and​ completely took out the​ background and​ made it​ all white. the​ effect was flawless but that is​ not what got us high rankings. We took that simple video and​ translated it​ for​ the​ search engines. the​ video search engines that is.

Only 10% of​ all web traffic comes from the​ search engines. That is​ actually pretty shocking when you consider the​ significance of​ it​ all. So where does the​ other 90% come from? the​ traffic comes from a​ variety of​ sources and​ these are:

1. Video Search Engines
2. Podcast Search Engines
3. Blog Search Engines
4. Social Networks
5. Publicity Sites

These are all in​ addition to​ the​ regular search engines. the​ magic of​ using all of​ these incredible elements is​ that they literally propel your rankings to​ the​ top – not once, not twice but multiple times. in​ fact, we were able to​ get to​ the​ top ten 8 out of​ 10 times in​ just about every category we picked. That is​ substantial. We did some incredible things with our rankings. We definitely got the​ word out about our seminar and​ info related products.

Now here is​ the​ one thing you may have never expected. We were able to​ get these top rankings in​ just four hours. That’s right. Four hours.

It took a​ little pushing and​ prodding but we were able to​ get our message out there to​ the​ masses in​ just a​ few hours. Web video is​ definitely an​ attention getter. Not only were we able to​ get our messages into the​ niche categories but also into the​ top of​ Google. This was accomplished without so much as​ paying a​ dime to​ Google for​ pay-per-click or​ any sponsored listings. This is​ substantial.

Imagine being able to​ knock out the​ high cost of​ pay per click and​ still being able to​ dominate the​ top of​ the​ search engines. That is​ something that is​ worth celebrating about. I found myself looking for​ alternative ideas to​ PPC after my clients kept complaining about high rising costs to​ market online. This constant rise of​ client dissatisfaction pushed me into finding new ways to​ getting top rankings with moderate fees. in​ doing so I was able to​ get away from the​ expected ways of​ online popularity.


The best way to​ get good at​ this type of​ marketing is​ to​ try out new services and​ live by doing. it​ is​ one thing to​ think about it​ but taking action is​ the​ greatest short cut to​ great results. Not every industry responds the​ same way. When I created my first online radio show, (podcast) I noticed immediately that I was not a​ big hit in​ the​ Midwest. However my ratings picked up pretty heavy in​ California and​ New York City and​ ironically that is​ where all of​ my business is​ coming from.

When we were hitting 8 out of​ 10 of​ the​ top ten listings on Google we noticed these listings came from a​ variety of​ sources. Some of​ them were from video listings, some came from podcasting sites, some came from social networks and​ others came from blogs. But the​ kicker came in​ a​ few weeks. Since web 2.0 services like http://YouTube.com and​ Google Video automatically creates HTML code it​ makes life very convenient. This means that visitors can copy and​ paste into their own web pages or​ blogs. and​ that is​ exactly what happened. Our videos started to​ pop up on services that we didn’t set up. Our clips started to​ pop up on video search engines that we never heard of. Someone had seen our clips and​ liked what they saw and​ posted them on other services. That means we got our material distributed for​ free.

This had a​ huge affect on our search engine rankings. This sent us to​ the​ very top on Google and​ Yahoo. I might also add that the​ other web site services jumped on board and​ put us up on high rank visibility as​ well. These other search engines often use the​ same technology. Ask Jeeves, Dogpile and​ many others borrow the​ same search engine technology to​ fuel their services.

The moral of​ the​ story? By using the​ new modern tools you can literally write your own ticket.

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