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Being a​ novice website developer the​ hardest part of​ creating a​ new website is​ getting actual people to​ look at​ your website. Coming up with the​ next great idea seems to​ be the​ easy part but it​ will never be a​ real success if​ you are the​ only person reading your work. I have been doing some experimenting with this problem and​ here are some of​ the​ things that seem to​ work for​ me.

1. Social Bookmarking – this is​ my number one pick because in​ large it​ has brought the​ lions share of​ the​ traffic to​ my site, there are some great sites that do this www.digg.com is​ my favorite it​ seems to​ be one of​ the​ most popular at​ the​ moment you can submit a​ link to​ one of​ your stories with a​ brief description and​ if​ it​ intrest the​ rests of​ the​ diggers you might make it​ to​ the​ homepage.

2. Article Directories – I have to​ admit that there are a​ lot of​ crappy articles on most article directories so if​ you put your well written article on one it​ is​ bound to​ get snapped up by hundreds of​ content starved websites looking for​ new stories all they will all have backlinks pointing to​ you, Articledashboard.com
seems to​ be a​ nice one.

3. Forums Posting - This has got to​ be the​ most time consuming one if​ you do it​ correctly you must find people who might have some interest in​ your site, in​ my case those are computer related forums and​ I try to​ help people with there computer problems and​ drop a​ link to​ my site in​ the​ signature. Becareful with this one please don’t spam forums with a​ bunch of​ junk just to​ get you link out there if​ you can add to​ a​ discussion or​ help another member most forum admins will not have any problems with you putting a​ link in​ your sig.

4. Website crawled - This is​ one of​ the​ hardest things to​ do but it​ has the​ potential to​ pay off big if​ you get a​ good ranking from Google. One thing that needs to​ be checked is​ your Robots.txt file this allows search engine spiders to​ correctly craw your pages a​ more detailed article on the​ subject can be found here www.searchengineworld.com
. You also might consider trying to​ implement Google’s new Sitemap generator - this is​ on my to​ do list

5. Directory Submissions - Submit your site to​ human edited web directories like http://dmoz.org/
. it​ will help your page rank and​ may even get you some traffic.

6. Link trading - Most sites with similar interests as​ yours will be more than happy to​ add a​ link to​ your site as​ long as​ you provide them with a​ reciprocal link.

This is​ by no means an​ all inclusive list and​ I am sure there are many more great ways to​ generate website traffic if​ you have a​ suggestion please post a​ comment.

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