Web Site Development With Ruby On Rails And Other Programs

Web Site Development With Ruby On Rails And Other Programs

Web Site Development With Ruby On Rails and​ Other Programs
Web site development is​ a​ very big business these days .​
Almost every company in​ the​ world is​ trying to​ make their make on the​ web .​
However creating a​ nice looking, functional web site is​ not very easy to​ achieve unless you have the​ right tools to​ help you .​

The need for​ web development tools has led many different companies to​ produce very sophisticated programs to​ help programmers and​ even non-programmers create and​ deploy great looking and​ very functional web sites .​
Some of​ the​ tools available for​ people to​ use for​ web development are Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, Microsoft’s Front Page, Microsoft’s Visual Studio, and​ Ruby on Rails .​

The first two programs are used mostly to​ design and​ create visually attractive web sites, but they do not offer great database support .​
However the​ last two programs are fully developed web frameworks that allow programmers to​ create a​ fully functional web site using one program .​
Ruby on Rails is​ the​ only one of​ these programs that offers a​ full version that does not cost a​ thing .​
the​ best thing about Ruby on Rails is​ that it​ is​ open source, so it​ is​ constantly being worked on and​ improved by programmers to​ make it​ much better and​ much easier to​ use .​

Also creating web sites with Visual Studio only allows you to​ use some of​ its functions if​ you deploy on a​ Windows server, while Ruby on Rails is​ more tailored to​ run on a​ Linux or​ Unix environment .​
Ruby on Rails is​ the​ only open source web development framework that can offer some of​ the​ same functionality that can be found in​ many of​ the​ more expensive software that is​ available .​

Ruby on Rails also allows more agile development than PHP or​ some other technologies that are available right now .​
I​ believe that everyone should look into Ruby on Rails if​ they do not have a​ large development budget or​ they need to​ rapidly develop a​ robust web application.

Web Site Development With Ruby On Rails And Other Programs

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