Web Site Design Mistakes

Some wise human once said "Learn from the​ mistakes of​ others. There isn't nearly enough time to​ make them all yourself." Hence this article. Here are five of​ the​ most annoying and​ common web design mistakes.

1. Slow download time - Don't be that site that is​ filled with the​ coolest gizmos in​ the​ world. You know, animation, music and​ other "cool" things. Why? Because nobody is​ going to​ go to​ it​ because it​ takes too long to​ download. a​ nice clean site that downloads quickly will get you much further than a​ site with all the​ fixings that takes forever to​ download.

2. Unreadable text - if​ a​ user has to​ struggle to​ read the​ text on your web site, chances are they won't. Here are some common readability issues:

A. Low contrast text and​ background - Don't use light colored text on a​ light background. Also, don't use dark text on a​ dark background. Text is​ most easily read with extreme contrasts between the​ background and​ text. Black on white is​ about as​ good as​ it​ gets for​ readability. Red on black is​ pretty bad. Yellow on white isn't so hot either.

B. Text on a​ busy background - Text is​ most easily read on solid color background. Putting text on textured backgrounds can make it​ much harder to​ read.

C. Small Text - Text that is​ really tiny may look cool, but is​ hard to​ read. if​ you must use small text, make sure changing the​ text size in​ a​ browser will change the​ size of​ your text. Using style sheets can some times over-ride a​ browser's ability to​ increase text size.

3. Unpleasant designs - Designs that use too many colors, colors that clash, or​ a​ messy layout, are just plain hard to​ look at. a​ site should be pleasant to​ look at, not a​ chore.

4. Long pages - Long pages are a​ problem because your force people to​ sift through piles of​ information to​ get what they want. Pages that focus on just a​ few topics with links to​ related topics on other pages are much better. This approach allows the​ reader to​ isolate the​ specific subject they are interested in.

5. Poor Navigation - it​ is​ extremely important that a​ user be able to​ access all pages of​ your site from every page. Users will often enter your site from a​ search engine listing with a​ link other than your home page. You do not want your visitors at​ a​ dead-end with no way to​ access the​ rest of​ your site. You will have wasted the​ traffic and​ given the​ prospect a​ bad impression of​ your business.

As you surf the​ web, you should keep a​ list of​ annoying things you find on other sites. Every so often, check your site to​ see if​ you have the​ same problems. Regardless, if​ you avoid the​ common web design mistakes listed above, you will stand a​ better chance of​ running a​ successful web site.
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