Web Site Design Color For You

Web Site Design Color For You

Colors can influence our behavior, feelings and​ psyche. in​ fact, colors are oftentimes used as​ treatment to​ psychotics and​ other mentally incapacitated persons.

However, when it​ comes to​ web designing, many designers overlook the​ enigmatic power of​ colors. it​ can bring life to​ any image, text or​ graphics. it​ can create the​ atmosphere needed in​ order to​ capture the​ viewer's decision and​ loyalty. These are the​ reasons why colors should be on our topmost list of​ things that need to​ be considered in​ mounting a​ web site. You don't want a​ drab looking site, do you? it​ will appear, melancholic, chaotic, plain and​ boring. Thus, colors must be chosen in​ order to​ complement the​ site's ambiance, feelings and​ purpose.

Web browsers only see 256 colors. However, there are times when the​ number may not appear as​ such because no browser shares the​ same 256-color pallet. Nowadays, web browsers are sharing 216 common colors. Thus, in​ order to​ complement to​ other web browsers, web designers must stick to​ the​ 216-color pallet. if​ they go beyond this color pallet, chances are the​ colors may not exist on other browser. in​ order for​ the​ browser to​ display that particular color, it​ will need tiny dots from the​ colors native to​ the​ browser. the​ process is​ called dithering. Unfortunately, this will result to​ the​ distortion of​ some tiny dots. Further, this will make the​ image appear speckled and​ without a​ solid color. in​ connection to​ texts, dithering will make them blurry and​ hard to​ read.

Verdict: Web designers must use browser safe color when using solid color as​ a​ design element. However, caution must be exercised.

There are times when we feel we are tricked by our eyes. in​ fact there is​ what we call mirage? an​ optical illusion and​ there is​ a​ long list of​ optical illusions that can otherwise trick us. But there are times when we are neither tricked or​ deceived in​ fact it​ is​ an​ act of​ science. How do this happen?

At the​ back of​ our eyes, there is​ a​ thin layer of​ tissue. This layer of​ tissue contains millions of​ tiny light-sensing nerve cells which are called rods and​ cones. Our eyes have ample decoding cones. These cones are the​ ones responsible for​ responding to​ specific wavelengths of​ light. Say, when you look at​ a​ red box, the​ cones that have detected the​ red wavelength become exhausted and​ fatigued. as​ a​ result, opposite cones in​ the​ eyes start to​ enter and​ different colors are made apparent.

Eye fatigue is​ one of​ the​ important considerations in​ designing a​ web site. Thus, avoid colors that are tiring to​ the​ eyes. it​ can result to​ disaster and​ can further result to​ giving of​ wrong notion or​ idea to​ the​ viewers. Colors like red and​ yellow, strains the​ eye faster than any other colors. Thus, limit the​ use of​ these colors. Use them on areas that need emphasis and​ focus. This will surely pull viewers attention. Other that those areas - a​ big no-no!

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