Web Server Hosting Types

Web Server Hosting Types
There are different types of​ hosting services that you can choose from depending on what type of​ web development and​ web site that you want to​ host.
Dial-Up Access Hosting – This is​ the​ most basic access/hosting service and​ these providers also provides a​ web page for​ hosting your site .​
Dial-up access hosting was the​ first hosting available and​ is​ still around .​
Most ISP’s specialize in​ just internet access and​ it’s rare that you will see an​ ISP do both .​
These companies make their money off of​ providing access to​ the​ Internet.
Development Hosting - Web site developers are buying their own servers and​ offering independent hosting services for​ their clients .​
This is​ called development hosting in​ which they provide web development services along with a​ host server located at​ their place of​ business .​
The consumer gets charged for​ the​ development and​ the​ maintenance of​ the​ web-site.
Web-Hosting ISP’s .​
– These are companies that specialize in​ hosting business web sites .​
There is​ no dial up access needed and​ site owners access their pages via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) .​
This is​ what the​ majority of​ small businesses use to​ put their site information on the​ internet .​
Other services are also included in​ the​ Web Hosting ISP package depending on their service plans.
These types of​ hosting plans are usually for​ corporations that need a​ lot of​ bandwidth to​ run their web applications .​
These companies run T1 access lines for​ big packets of​ internet data and​ have multiple connections to​ an​ internet backbone .​
They have fully staffed data processing facilities and​ the​ prices are substantial for​ using these types of​ services.
Corporate/Industrial Hosting - Companies like Hewlett Packard, Dell or​ IBM, run the​ server infrastructure for​ most of​ these host companies.
The SOHO business owner will usually need the​ Web-Hosting ISP services .​
It is​ the​ middle ground between the​ basic and​ advanced services.

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