Web Hosting With Vdeck Control Panel

Web Hosting With Vdeck Control Panel

I first encounter about vdeck control panel about a​ year ago, while I search for​ web hosting plan online. in​ today market, the​ 3 most common control panel are: cpanel, vdeck and​ h-sphere. Cpanel appear to​ be the​ most preferred hosting control panel, and​ follow by vdeck. Its very easy to​ use and​ it​ come with tons of​ features.

Keep your eye open, because vdeck 3.0 is​ coming. and​ its interface look and​ feel is​ much like cpanel. and​ it​ come with lots more features. With integrated web design tools. Not one but three tools to​ choose from. Integrated icon designer, and​ integrated SEO tools which includes search engines submission.

There are few big hosting company that are solely using vdeck control panel. for​ example startlogic hosting and​ ipowerweb hosting. Their hosting plan only offered in​ vdeck control panel. and​ my experience using them, so far so good. Everything cpanel can do, vdeck can do as​ well.

If you haven’t seen a​ vdeck control panel, you can visit this startlogic review blog and​ take a​ look at​ the​ vdeck control panel at​ this link http://www.startlogicreview.org/startlogic/startlogic-vdeck/ This is​ the​ vdeck 2, and​ the​ latest version 3 will look much better than this.

Web Hosting With Vdeck Control Panel

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