Web Hosting Requirements

Web Hosting Requirements

In scouting for​ a​ web hosting company, always ensure the​ disk space and​ amount of​ traffic needed.

Amount of​ Disk Space

The requirement of​ a​ small or​ medium web site is​ between 10 and​ 100MB of​ disk space.

When looking at​ the​ size of​ HTML pages, you will notice that the​ average size is​ very small - smaller than 1K. But looking at​ the​ size of​ the​ pictures used within the​ pages, you will often find them several times bigger than the​ page itself.

5 and​ 50K of​ space on the​ server is​ the​ expected consumption of​ each HTML page which is​ dependent on the​ use of​ images or​ other elements that may consume disk space.

More disk space is​ needed for​ web sites that plan to​ utilize lots of​ images or​ graphic elements (not to​ mention sound files or​ movies).

Before scouting for​ your web host, make sure that you have knowledge of​ your requirements.

Monthly Traffic

Monthly transfer of​ data for​ a​ small or​ medium web site will take up between 1 and​ 5GB.

On the​ other hand, monthly traffic in​ larger commercial sites consumes more than 100GB.

Before the​ contract with the​ host provider is​ signed, be sure that the​ following is​ checked:
What are the​ limitations on monthly transfer?
Will your site be closed if​ you go beyond the​ volume?
Will you be the​ billing be higher if​ the​ volume is​ exceeded?
Will it​ cover future requirements?
Is upgrading easy?

Connection Speed

Your web hosting provider should offer a​ relatively faster connection for​ your visitors who often connect through a​ modem.

During the​ early days of​ the​ Internet, connecting using a​ T1 was considered a​ fast connection. However, modern speeds are much faster.

One byte is​ 8 bits long, and​ that is​ usual amount of​ bits used to​ transfer a​ character (a letter or​ a​ digit). 14,000 to​ 56,000 bits per second (bps) is​ the​ transfer speed for​ low speed communication modems. the​ range is​ within 2000 and​ 7000 characters per second, nearly 1 to​ 5 pages of​ written text.

Before making any deal with hosting providers, research some other web sites on their servers, to​ have a​ good background about the​ speed of​ their network. Likewise, compare the​ other sites with your site, to​ check if​ you have the​ same requirements. Getting in​ touch with other customers is​ another alternative.

Disk space and​ the​ amount of​ monthly traffic is​ not the​ only requirement in​ web hosting. This will depend on the​ web site you are planning to​ put up.

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