Web Hosting Real Estate In Cyberspace

Web Hosting Real Estate In Cyberspace

As the​ internet market has grown and​ assimilated into global culture, becoming an​ integral part of​ our daily lives, more and​ more companies, small businesses, non-profits, and​ individuals are embracing the​ web, all desiring their own websites, tailored to​ their specific needs and​ interests, and​ expressing their goals and​ visions, while targeting specific audiences. Even individuals and​ companies known for​ their old-fashioned tenets and​ inflexible standards, are giving way to​ new standards in​ advertising and​ mass-marketing so easily and​ readily available on the​ web.

One of​ the​ greatest assets of​ the​ web is​ its ready accessibility from anywhere on the​ globe by the​ click of​ a​ mouse. All one needs is​ a​ computer, handheld device, or​ such peripheral with an​ Internet connection, and​ presto! You are connected to​ an​ enormous database of​ information on everything possible: from real estate and​ brokerage negotiations, to​ educational documents, research, and​ studies, to​ entertainment, media, and​ games; to​ libraries, health resources, and​ so much more - the​ list is​ 'virtually' endless.

Numerous web hosting companies have sprouted all over the​ globe, each outfitting clients with hundreds of​ MB of​ web space and​ domain names, as​ well as​ extra features such as​ easy to​ use templates for​ building websites, numerous mailboxes, large quotas for​ data transfer (20-60GB per month), marketing strategies, visitor statistical reports such as​ Urchin, password protection, FTP access, web blogs, audio and​ video streaming, PERL Debuggers, Message boards, Guestbooks, and​ hit counters in​ CGI script, mailing lists and​ autoresponders, file management and​ tech support resources, as​ well as​ live telephone support, often 24 hours a​ day. E-commerce sites will want to​ have additional special features that enable quick and​ seamless financial transactions, with secure encryption and​ SSL Digital Certificates, for​ visitors to​ their sites wishing to​ purchase products or​ services online.

Some web hosting companies such as​ the​ award-winning Earthlink Company based in​ Atlanta, GA in​ the​ United States, offer dual platforms, such as​ Unix and​ Windows. Considered the​ most versatile operating system, the​ Unix system supports freeware and​ shareware programs and​ offers maximal security. On the​ other hand, the​ Windows system hosts webpages designed in​ Microsoft Access as​ well as​ ASP or​ Active Server Programs. Depending on the​ needs of​ the​ client, web hosting companies offer a​ wide variety of​ services and​ amenities, with each increase in​ web space offering a​ substantial increase in​ web services accordingly. a​ general rule of​ thumb is​ that the​ client gets as​ much as​ they are willing to​ pay for.

There are three kinds of​ web hosting: shared, dedicated, or​ collocation. Shared web hosting, the​ least expensive, involves sharing a​ portion of​ an​ existing file server with other companies. Dedicated hosting is​ more expensive and​ allows for​ full control and​ access to​ a​ web server, with absolute control of​ processing power and​ storage space. This type of​ web hosting more than suffices for​ most businesses and​ enterprises.

The last but not least kind of​ web hosting, is​ collocation, in​ which the​ client provides all services such as​ hardware and​ software and​ the​ only task relegated to​ the​ web host is​ to​ ensure that the​ server remains connected to​ the​ internet. Collocation is​ truly for​ only the​ "die-hard" techie that has exceeded the​ generous boundaries of​ dedicated hosting.

Web Hosting Real Estate In Cyberspace

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