Web Hosting Providers Rule The Web

Web Hosting Providers Rule The Web

It has been reported there are currently more than a​ staggering 50,000 web hosting providers all competing for​ the​ honour of​ hosting your website.

Every day dozens of​ new web hosting compaines are launching and​ struggling to​ get your attention and​ your web hosting business.

Even though the​ web hosting industry is​ really quite young, it​ is​ certainly one of​ the​ most competetive and​ cut-throat industries on the​ web today. Yet the​ growth of​ this marketplace is​ assured for​ the​ forseeable future.

Now each and​ every week it​ is​ estimated more than 50,000 websites are launched and​ need to​ be hosted somewhere online. This figure continues to​ grow and​ grow.

In fact the​ current monthly count for​ the​ number of​ searches at​ Yahoo for​ the​ term 'web hosting' is​ a​ whopping 2,149,851. That's right, over 2 million!

Also just recently it​ was reported that the​ popularity of​ blogs was seeing tens of​ thousands of​ new blogs launched each and​ every day. While many of​ these are hosted freely, the​ more serious bloggers each require an​ account with a​ reliable web hosting provider.

Of course every paid web hosting account usually requires at​ least one domain name registration. Here are some amazing domain name figures for​ you:

The registrar holding the​ largest number of​ domain names is​ said to​ be WildWestDomains. They may be better known to​ you as​ Godaddy. They currently hold over an​ estimated 5 million domain name registrations!

The registrar holding the​ second largest number of​ domain names is​ estimated to​ be Enom. the​ registrar holding the​ third largest number of​ domain names is​ estimated to​ be Networksolutions.

Domain Name Registration Growth:

By far the​ most popular top level domain is​ the​ .com There are currently over an​ estimated 40 million of​ these registered.

The .com top level domain currently holds over an​ estimated 70 percent of​ the​ domain name marketplace.
The .net top level domain currently holds just over an​ estimated 10 percent of​ the​ domain name marketplace.

The good news for​ web hosting and​ domain name customers is​ that incredible deals have become available as​ competition increases among web hosting providers.

In fact the​ price of​ web hosting has plumeted to​ just under $10 per month for​ a​ quality service. Domain names that cost up to​ $35 just a​ fews years ago can now be bought for​ as​ little as​ $4.99.

This is​ a​ winning situation for​ both the​ web hosting providers and​ their customers. the​ quality of​ service continues to​ grow. the​ new web hosting providers must impress their customers to​ compete with more established organisations.

There has never been a​ better time to​ find a​ web hosting provider and​ establish an​ internet presence of​ your own.

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