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One lone computer in​ a​ business is​ useful. When that computer is​ connected to​ a​ second computer a​ small network is​ developed that allow files and​ information to​ be more readily shared. Large companies have hundreds or​ thousands of​ computers tied together in​ a​ company-wide network that speeds many processes along.

This concept is​ a​ microcosm of​ what it​ means to​ develop a​ network known as​ the​ World Wide Web or​ Internet.

The Internet is​ a​ connection of​ computers linked through servers for​ the​ purpose of​ sharing information, entertainment and​ ecommerce.

Web hosting is​ the​ mechanism whereby you can access a​ portal to​ the​ World Wide Web. When you work with a​ web host to​ place your site files on their server you are moving from spectator to​ player in​ ecommerce.

This portal is​ important because it​ provides a​ means of​ interacting with your customers. They can view your site and​ you can gain access to​ information about the​ visitor that may assist you in​ developing new sales opportunities or​ introducing them to​ new products.

This portal is​ not just a​ storefront, it​ effectively becomes your sales force if​ accepted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are utilized.

It is​ also this portal that allows you to​ take your business to​ international markets you couldn’t have dreams of​ fifteen years ago. Web hosting makes it​ possible for​ you to​ learn new skills that will benefit your ecommerce store while supplying consumers with products or​ services they are motivated to​ purchase.

The privacy a​ website provides customers has allowed ecommerce to​ grow at​ a​ very rapid rate. Consumers are generally tired of​ impatient sales associates and​ limited stock at​ conventional brick and​ mortar stores. the​ ecommerce solutions on the​ web are the​ portal many consumers are using to​ facilitate the​ acquisition of​ many items they once purchased at​ a​ store as​ well as​ items they did not have routine access to.

Web hosting can be managed as​ an​ extension of​ site design, but it​ may also include site design. a​ web design expert can manage this design or​ it​ can be created and​ maintained by the​ ecommerce business owner.

However it​ is​ accomplished site function, maintenance and​ presentation are done through the​ portal of​ web hosting.

We live in​ a​ world where millions of​ computers are now connected. the​ knowledge base and​ available consumer products and​ services are mind-boggling. a​ web host facilitates a​ future in​ ecommerce in​ the​ online world.

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