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Bandwidth can make all the​ difference when choosing where to​ host your website

A common mistake made by so many people when looking to​ choose a​ web host company is​ not asking about bandwidth. After spending so long designing or​ with a​ developer designing your web site you do not want to​ see a​ good web site ruined and​ only viewed by a​ handful of​ people at​ a​ time. a​ web site is​ generally your shop window and​ you want as​ many people as​ possible to​ look in​ and​ hopefully click on your information or​ purchase online if​ you are offering products. All web host companies will offer you a​ limited amount of​ bandwidth, it’s then up to​ you to​ calculate whether or​ not you need to​ pay a​ little extra for​ bandwidth you may require.

Don’t be afraid to​ ask for​ advice from the​ web host company, it​ is​ there job to​ help you along the​ way and​ after all it’s you who is​ paying for​ there service. You will need to​ advice them as​ to​ how big each page is​ on your website and​ if​ possible a​ rough calculation as​ to​ how many people you think may view your site on a​ weekly or​ daily basis.

Is it​ possible to​ save bandwidth?

Yes it​ is​ and​ this comes into play at​ the​ time of​ designing your website. if​ you are looking to​ save the​ bandwidth you should put all photos in​ the​ JPEG format and​ all graphics in​ GIF format. By doing so you are compressing the​ files using only the​ very least bandwidth required.

Why do some companies offer only a​ very limited amount of​ bandwidth?

You have got to​ remember that web hosting is​ an​ extensive market and​ very profitably for​ the​ web hosting company. the​ more people they can attract to​ their services the​ more profit they make. They in​ turn have to​ pay out to​ the​ telecoms companies for​ the​ bandwidth provided to​ them and​ are only wanting to​ pay the​ bare amount to​ keep profits high. Web host companies that are not offering you the​ additional bandwidth are the​ ones to​ avoid. if​ they say it​ is​ not possible to​ purchase additional bandwidth, then the​ chances are this is​ a​ small company with poor technology behind them operating on a​ shoestring budget.

What will happen if​ I do not have enough bandwidth?

It’s very simply really, if​ your website has not got enough bandwidth to​ operate with, one of​ two things will happen. Your website will download onto peoples monitors very slowly and​ the​ chances are they will not wait around. the​ second problem is​ that your web site may only be viewed by a​ very limited audience at​ one time. You may have great link backs from other websites driving traffic your way only for​ that traffic to​ be diverted elsewhere to​ a​ properly functioning competitor.

How can I ensure that this will not happen to​ me?

Undoubtedly it​ is​ very frustrating to​ spend time and​ money developing a​ good informative website only to​ have it’s viewing reduced by lack of​ bandwidth. You need to​ be honest with your web host company and​ tell them the​ number of​ pages and​ how large your overall files are, by doing this the​ onus is​ on them to​ offer us the​ service your require. You can ask for​ a​ guarantee from the​ web host company that all will be fine with your site and​ there are many out there willing to​ give such guarantees. if​ you decide to​ go it​ cheap and​ risk the​ low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. Look at​ the​ rates from the​ different web host companies for​ extra bandwidth and​ you will be pleasantly surprised that it​ will not cost an​ arm and​ a​ leg to​ have a​ little extra. Knowingly going over bandwidth with only cost you revenue in​ the​ long run and​ makes your website very unprofessional. if​ you are hosting with a​ reliable web host company they will not allow this happen anyway.

If you are unsure as​ to​ how large your website actually is​ act the​ person or​ company who developed the​ site for​ you to​ advise or​ simply ask the​ web host company, all will be happy to​ oblige you.

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