Web Hosting Features

Web Hosting Features

How do I know a​ good web hosting service from a​ bad one? What features should I be looking for​ when choosing a​ web host? What is​ bandwidth or​ transfer? How much storage space do I really need? What tools should they offer me and​ which ones do I need?

In this article I will attempt to​ give you the​ short version of​ answers to​ those questions for​ you to​ use as​ a​ reference. a​ lot about choosing a​ web-hosting provider depends on what your website needs and​ every website has different needs.

First question was “How do I know a​ good web hosting service from a​ bad one?” Before doing business with anyone on the​ web that is​ going to​ be as​ important to​ your business as​ a​ web hosting company, you should do a​ search on the​ name of​ the​ company and​ look for​ criticisms, complaints, etc. Keep in​ mind no one has 100% satisfied customers and​ finding just one complaint on the​ web doesn’t mean that the​ company is​ a​ bad one. However if​ you find a​ lot of​ complaints, I would move on to​ the​ next provider.

Now about the​ bandwidth and​ transfer question I mentioned above. Bandwidth and​ transfer are basically the​ same thing. Some tech guy might know a​ difference I’m not aware of, but it​ won’t be much difference. This is​ the​ number of​ times each file in​ your website is​ downloaded for​ the​ web host’s server to​ the​ visitors computer.

In other words, the​ size of​ you webpages in​ kilobytes plus the​ size of​ each graphic or​ other type of​ file that is​ served to​ the​ users computer is​ the​ amount of​ transfer you are using. if​ your website will have a​ lot of​ graphics, movies, downloads, etc., make sure you choose a​ web-hosting plan that offers you a​ lot of​ bandwidth. the​ average website doesn’t need more than 2-5 gigabytes of​ transfer per month.

How much storage space do I need? the​ storage space is​ no different than your computer’s hard drive. if​ the​ web host offers 100 megabytes of​ storage space that is​ just like having a​ 100-megabyte hard drive. if​ your files are not more than 100 megabytes then that is​ plenty of​ storage. Most web hosting companies offer plenty of​ storage space, more than the​ average website will ever use.

The question, “What features should I look for​ and​ which tools do I need?” are ones that I can answer together.

What about the​ web host’s support policy. Do they offer 24/7 tech support? Do you think you will need 24/7 tech support? This is​ one area that is​ important for​ you to​ consider. the​ Internet is​ 24 hours per day. Your website is​ online 24 hours per day. So it​ is​ possible you might need 24/7 tech support.

How do you contact tech support there? Just email? is​ there a​ phone number? Do they use support tickets? Do they have a​ chatroom or​ forum for​ tech support? How accessible your web hosting tech support is​ will determine how fast things get fixed when you have a​ problem. See if​ you can send in​ a​ tech support query before signing up. See how fast you get an​ email back or​ if​ they answer the​ phone when you call them.

Those three important issues, bandwidth, storage space, and​ tech support are not the​ only things you need to​ consider. Do they offer Cpanel or​ an​ easy-to-use control panel for​ managing your website? Can they show you a​ sample of​ the​ control panel before you sign up? if​ you choose a​ web host that does not have an​ easy-to-use control panel are you tech-savvy enough to​ get around in​ the​ root files?

How many databases can be created on your web hosting plan. How many do they allow? Do they offer instant-install or​ install-on-demand features like picture galleries, content management systems, forums, blogs, or​ other website enhancements?

These are all questions you need to​ ask before you sign up with any web hosting service. if​ they do not give you all that information on the​ automatic signup page, email them and​ ask them questions. Their response may be all you need to​ know about whether to​ choose them as​ your web hosting provider or​ not.

I hope this article has helped you to​ learn about some of​ the​ things you need to​ consider when choosing a​ web hosting service. Cheap is​ not always good. This is​ your online business. Treat it​ well and​ choose a​ web hosting serviee that makes things easier for​ you.

Web Hosting Features

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