Web Hosting Do You Really Get What You Pay For

Web Hosting Do You Really Get What You Pay For

There is​ an​ assumption among business owners that in​ order to​ have a​ quality website you need to​ follow the​ old adage, “You get what you pay for.”

The truth is, in​ web hosting you can pay a​ significant amount of​ money and​ receive poor service. Certainly the​ reverse is​ true, but the​ point is​ inexpensive doesn’t always mean ‘cheap’ and​ expensive does not always equate to​ excellence in​ web hosting and​ design.

Many web designers who also provide hosting options may supply a​ reasonably priced plan for​ site development, however the​ plan doesn’t always include the​ things you may need for​ your ecommerce store and​ the​ add-ons can add up.

There are web hosting/design options that include many of​ the​ most used features of​ ecommerce as​ part of​ the​ bundled price.

Some of​ the​ options available include…

* Customer Newsletter System
* Customer/Order Database
* Feedback Forms
* AutoResponders
* PayPal Shopping Cart Tools
* Search Engine Registration
* Full Feature Website Wizard
* Merchant CC ID OAC
* Authorize.net Setup OAC
* Pro Stock Image Library
* Premium Hosting

If you are shopping for​ a​ web design and​ a​ web host you need to​ consider all options. it​ is​ reasonable to​ believe that by paying more you can receive better service, but experience says that this line of​ thinking is​ not always true.

Sites have been developed with a​ fee for​ every photo, every page, every design element and​ every tool that was used to​ create the​ site. What if​ you simply had access to​ all of​ these things at​ monthly fee that is​ less than a​ night with the​ family at​ a​ fast food restaurant?

While some businesses may feel this is​ an​ inferior way to​ develop a​ website, consider what other business owners have to​ say about this type of​ web hosting option.

"Enables you to​ make your own website and​ there's no need for​ you to​ know any programming." - David Chalk

"I was quickly able to​ build a​ fully functional commercial web site using the​ easy-to-use templates with Slide Shows, Image Maps, Fully Functional Search Engine, Pay Pal Shopping Cart and​ more! Highly Recommended. Tremendous Value." - Don Fortner

"My staff laughed when I told them I was going to​ make our company website myself, but you should have seen their faces when it​ was done!" - Gerod Floyd

"I don't know why everyone does not do it​ this way." - Garfield McCormick

Whatever web hosting and​ design service you use, make sure to​ explore the​ total cost (site design, add-ons, maintenance, etc) before you make a​ decision. Your site could cost you a​ lot more than it​ needs to.

Web Hosting Do You Really Get What You Pay For

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