Web Hosting Defining The Office Space

Web Hosting Defining The Office Space

The web hosting solution for​ a​ home-based business will likely be radically different from the​ needs of​ a​ large ecommerce site. the​ use of​ a​ web host is​ essentially the​ cyber-office lease for​ your Internet business. the​ web hosting solution houses the​ files you will need to​ upload and​ can store you online company data.

There are three primary web-hosting solutions and​ each one is​ designed to​ accommodate a​ specific need. This article will take a​ look at​ these three solutions and​ what type of​ business may require each solution.

Co-Located Server Hosting

We will start with the​ most comprehensive solution first. This type of​ web hosting is​ in-house and​ will typically cost the​ most. You will need to​ purchase one or​ more server specifically for​ your company use. This server will need to​ be monitored and​ will likely require an​ in-house Internet Technician (IT).

This solution works for​ larger companies with either lots of​ data to​ store or​ who want to​ be able to​ work on any solution regarding their web hosting immediately.

Dedicated Hosting

This plays a​ similar role to​ the​ co-located server hosting option in​ that you have your own server taking care of​ your online data. in​ this case, however, the​ server is​ located off-site and​ is​ maintained by a​ third party. Middle to​ large sized firms would likely use this option to​ maintain the​ highest possibility of​ uptime without the​ need for​ an​ in-house IT.

Shared Hosting

This is​ the​ most cost effective method of​ hosting and​ takes care of​ the​ majority of​ personal and​ small businesses sites. Most Shared Hosting options are less than $100 per month (often much less). Many of​ these same services are adaptable to​ allow for​ ecommerce solutions.

There are other options in​ web hosting solutions, but they typically fall into these three categories. Obviously the​ Co-Located Server Hosting option will be the​ most costly and​ labor-intensive solution, but it​ will be the​ best solution for​ the​ large business managing hundreds and​ thousands of​ transactions online.

The Dedicated Hosting option may be a​ good fit when a​ growing company needs a​ high ceiling for​ data as​ well as​ the​ comfort of​ knowing their fate isn’t tied to​ a​ server with multiple accounts.

The Shared Hosting solution is​ perfect for​ a​ business startup because it​ provides a​ cost effective way to​ get online without breaking the​ bank. Some Shared Hosting solutions provide the​ tools to​ allow their customers to​ develop their own ecommerce sites through template rich designs. Remember, just because the​ server is​ shared with others doesn’t make it​ a​ bad solution. to​ say otherwise would be to​ say an​ office building is​ bad because it​ contains more than one office.

Web Hosting Defining The Office Space

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