Web Hosting Choose Affordable Cheap Web Hosting

Web Hosting Choose Affordable Cheap Web Hosting

The Basics:

Web hosting offers you the​ opportunity to​ put your web site online, when you think about it; it’s the​ only way you can do it. No matter how large or​ small in​ content your web site happens to​ be it​ has to​ go onto a​ web server. a​ web server is​ simply a​ larger and​ much more powerful computer than your own. Your internet content simply sits on this server for​ people to​ access and​ view your information. the​ web servers are stored within data centers, all you are simply doing is​ renting some space on the​ server.

Why use a​ web hosting service:

Firstly it’s very affordable. Web hosting companies will look after and​ update all software required to​ maintain your site, they will also add all security patches making sure your content is​ safe from hackers/viruses and​ unwanted spam. Once you register your domain name (web site name) you have to​ have it​ hosted for​ the​ public to​ view your information. if​ you run into any difficulties you will have a​ full technical support team to​ help you out. to​ host your own will cost too much on hardware, bandwidth and​ ongoing software updates.

I hear of​ shared web hosting – What is​ it?

When shopping around for​ a​ web host company you will find that many are offering shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is​ simply a​ server that has a​ number of​ different web sites sitting on it​ simultaneously. You will be allocated a​ certain amount of​ disk space on the​ server and​ this may allow you to​ have a​ number of​ web sites hosted on the​ one server. Shared web hosting is​ a​ very secure service even though you could be sharing the​ server with many different companies. No other company will have access to​ your files. Many people think that using a​ shared service will make the​ web site act very slowly, this is​ totally incorrect, the​ information will be displayed and​ downloaded equally as​ fast as​ if​ it​ where on the​ server on it’s own. Web host companies offer shared hosting simply to​ use up all the​ space on the​ server, there is​ no benefit to​ you or​ them having empty hard disk space.

What makes a​ good web host site?

If you have developed a​ web site for​ business opportunity or​ to​ sell merchandise online you need reliability. Downtime costs you money so the​ less downtime you experience the​ better chance of​ making money. You need to​ compile a​ list of​ questions to​ ask the​ web host company when it​ comes to​ hosting your site. You need a​ guarantee response time if​ the​ unthinkable should happen and​ the​ site goes offline. You need 24 hour access to​ your files with 24 hour support if​ you intend selling products online, most of​ your sales could be made in​ the​ evening or​ night time so you have to​ have support for​ any issues that could arise. Statistics are also important; you need to​ know how many unique hits (people visiting your site) you are getting so you can see the​ trend of​ people just visiting to​ those who are buying. Some web host companies offer very substantial stats while others can be less informative, you should ask for​ a​ demonstration.

Word of​ mouth is​ a​ great way to​ hear as​ to​ who is​ a​ good host and​ a​ bad host. if​ you know somebody in​ a​ similar position to​ you, ask their opinion from their experience. There are plenty of​ good honest web host companies out there but like every market there are a​ few bad apples. Ask the​ questions and​ make sure you are confident with the​ replies before you join up.

Will it​ matter if​ I host my web site in​ my own country or​ in​ another?

Generally speaking no. if​ you are happy with your questions answered and​ the​ company have 24 hour support to​ allow for​ time differences you should have the​ same level service as​ if​ the​ web host company was based just down the​ road. Some people think that by hosting their website outside of​ their registered country they will lose their domain identity, this is​ false e.g. if​ I was based in​ Ireland and​ I had a​ computer website it​ would be something like www.computerparts.ie the​ .ie is​ the​ identity of​ Ireland but if​ I wanted this site hosted in​ the​ US I would still keep the​ .ie, there is​ no need to​ change to​ .com. That’s the​ great thing about web hosting, the​ world is​ your oyster and​ you can shop online globally until your are truly happy with the​ service.

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