Web Hosting Basics By B2rhosting

Web Hosting Basics By B2rhosting

Web hosting knowledge, contrary to​ the​ popular belief, is​ very easy to​ acquire and​ understand. as​ a​ beginner , before I started reading up on the​ subject, I was positive that I had to​ do some kind of​ a​ diploma or​ a​ degree course in​ this area to​ understand and​ finally be able to​ have my own website hosted. But I was totally wrong, with guidance of​ only documents like this and​ a​ lot of​ research I hosted my website within a​ week. in​ this article I plan to​ share all the​ very basic knowledge that you must know about web hosting. if​ you are a​ complete web hosting beginner, this article is​ an​ absolute must for​ you. Read on.

Web hosting:
In very simple terms getting your website on the​ internet is​ called web hosting. Every website that you have ever seen, or​ will ever see is​ actually stored on a​ computer somewhere in​ the​ world. When you type the​ address of​ that website in​ your browser’s address bar, the​ website is​ fetched from that computer to​ yours. Just like that, your website will be placed on a​ computer somewhere too. That is​ known as​ web hosting.

Web host:
The company/person who is​ the​ owner of​ the​ computer where you want your website to​ be stored or​ “hosted” is​ called the​ web host. it​ is​ the​ web host who offer you packages and​ take your money and​ give you hosting and​ their technical support.

Types of​ Web Hosting:
There are two major types of​ web hosting. Shared hosting and​ Dedicated hosting.
(i).Shared Hosting:
In Shared web hosting, your website is​ stored on a​ computer where there are other websites. Means you are sharing a​ web server with other people like you who have acquired shared hosting.
(ii).Dedicated Hosting:
In Dedicated web hosting, you acquire a​ full web server for​ your hosting needs. Which means only your website will be hosted on that computer and​ no one else’s.

Technical Terms You Should Be Aware Of:

Technical Support:
This is​ the​ help and​ support department of​ the​ web hosting company. This is​ a​ very important aspect of​ web hosting and​ must be fully functional and​ fast.

This is​ the​ amount of​ data transfer allowed to​ your website, every month. Usually around 10GB is​ fine for​ beginner websites.

Web Space:
Web space is​ the​ amount of​ space which will be provided to​ you for​ your web site. Your web site’s size cannot exceed this given web space limit.

Domain Name:
Domain name is​ the​ word/words which user will enter in​ the​ browser to​ access your website. Domain names are registered separately from the​ web hosting. Sometimes the​ web hosts offer to​ register the​ domain names too.

Flash is​ a​ popular media type mostly used for​ animations, it​ is​ developed by Macromedia. it​ is​ commonly used because it​ requires less space and​ downloading time with great graphics and​ animations.

A very popular website design and​ publishing tool (software) developed by Microsoft.

File Transfer Protocol, the​ means of​ transferring or​ “uploading” your website’s files on the​ web host’s server.

Hyper Text Markup Language, the​ basic language in​ which you will write your website and​ the​ language in​ which the​ client and​ the​ server’s browsers communicate.

Shopping Cart:
A software designed to​ take orders from your customers on your website and​ keeps storing them until they want to​ check out. the​ software then charges the​ customer by the​ designed method e.g. by taking the​ customer’s credit card number and​ charging it​ for​ the​ total product’s amount.

Common Gateway Interface, a​ processing interface. CGI scripts take information from the​ user and​ can process it​ in​ multiple ways, including storing the​ information in​ a​ database.

A popular type of​ database server, very commonly used with PHP.
Active Server Pages, is​ a​ scripting language that enables the​ web designers to​ design their pages dynamically with databases implementation.

Control Panel/Website Manager:
A Control Panel/Website Manager is​ an​ online piece of​ software which enables the​ web hosting users to​ manage their web content easily and​ effectively.
Email Forwarding (Email alias):
Allows the​ web hosting user to​ create a​ number of​ apparent email addresses on a​ certain domain, which in​ reality are only names pointing to​ just one original and​ proper email address of​ your choice e.g. you can make mike@mywebsite.com, sales@mywebsite.com and​ as​ many as​ you like. But in​ reality they would all be pointing to​ one real email address e.g. mike@someemailservice.com.

Secure Socket Layer, is​ a​ protocol designed to​ provide a​ secure, encrypted connections like financial transactions on the​ internet.

Web Statistics:
A lot of​ web hosts provide website statistics for​ free. These are the​ statistical data of​ the​ users who visit your website. By analyzing this data you would get to​ know how many visitors viewed your website daily, weekly, monthly and​ yearly. Other useful information to​ improve the​ content and​ design of​ your website is​ also included e.g. the​ operating system on the​ machine of​ each user and​ the​ type of​ web browser they are using.

Above is​ the​ basic technical terms that you must know before you head off to​ buy web hosting. With this knowledge now you can make a​ decision about which features you want and​ which ones you don’t, for​ your website.

Web Hosting Basics By B2rhosting

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