Web Directories General Introduction

Web Directories General Introduction

Having a​ web directory is​ becoming increasingly popular these days. it​ can bring many benefits such as​ delivering an​ increased amount of​ new visitors and​ providing a​ steady income. Google, Yahoo and​ MSN contribute heavily to​ its algorithm. Many webmasters are attracted by the​ fact that they can get traffic from such directories and​ would pay a​ small fee or​ put a​ reciprocal link to​ get their website listed in​ these directories. These benefits will ultimately improve the​ promotion of​ the​ website.

Webmasters are also very interested with inbound links for​ improving their PR (Page Rank) with Google. a​ good PR gives better position in​ Google’s search engine results. in​ theory the​ more quality inbound links you get, the​ higher your PR will go. Directories give a​ good solution for​ all webmasters. They also prove to​ be a​ good addition to​ existing web sites.

We can differentiate 3 types of​ directories: free, reciprocal-link and​ Pay for​ Inclusion directories:

1) Free directories are by far the​ most interesting for​ webmasters as​ they can give a​ high PR without having to​ spend a​ penny. However you’ll have to​ spend some time submitting your website to​ all of​ these. They don’t usually give you much traffic either as​ there is​ an​ over abundance of​ them on the​ internet.

2) Reciprocal-Link directories require placing a​ small link into the​ webmaster’s website. This can be dangerous if​ the​ directory has been black listed by Google.

3) Finally, Paid for​ Inclusion directories can deliver very good results as​ they usually give better PR and​ have more traffic than free directories.

However, not all directories will give you good results. Many use a​ redirect function for​ linking to​ your website. Your website won’t benefit from such links. You’ll need a​ static outgoing link from directories to​ gain weight with search engines. Many of​ the​ directories do offer you deep-linking options which mean that they will allow you to​ submit more than one URL from your domain in​ order to​ get your internal pages more traffic and​ ranking.

So keep in​ mind that directories are wholly beneficial for​ your websites as​ long as​ you take the​ time to​ carefully plan the​ submission beforehand by checking if​ they are not using tricks (redirects, reciprocal). Also, don’t forget to​ submit your website to​ the​ most relevant category on the​ directory and​ to​ read its description!

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