Web Directories Effect Your Sites Rankings

Web Directories Effect Your Sites Rankings

Many website owners do not understand the​ importance of​ directories, some even question if​ directories are effective in​ their overall marketing campaign for​ their website. Many online businesses can increase web traffic, probability and​ rankings on search engines by just submitting sites to​ popular directories.

By submitting your website to​ directories there are so many benefits associated with this. the​ first benefit to​ acquiring free traffic from web directories is​ that it​ is​ an​ economical way to​ obtain website visitors.

Search engines continually search out new sites using robots or​ spiders, they follow the​ links on sites to​ other sites, and​ they then update their database with the​ new site that was found. a​ great way to​ market your website is​ to​ create free incoming links that point to​ your website, once you do this visitors will visit your site.. Posting links on web directories draws website users and​ builds one way links.

On a​ web directory, the​ links to​ various websites are put in​ groups depending on their subject matter. Many major search engines look at​ link popularity as​ a​ factor in​ calculating the​ ranking of​ a​ website, so to​ achieve a​ good ranking you will need to​ build relevant links back to​ your site, this is​ one of​ the​ most important marketing tactics when it​ comes to​ optimization. When first starting out with a​ new website it​ is​ hard figure out how to​ get links pointing back to​ your site. There are so many ways to​ do this, article, free directories, reciprocal link exchange, advertising, post to​ forums and​ posting to​ blogs.

Obviously, if​ you have a​ business enterprise being run on your web site, the​ need for​ traffic becomes an​ absolute necessity, since without traffic, no one visits the​ site which means you get no business. Many webmaster don’t understand the​ importance of​ web directories, the​ reason you need to​ include your site is​ because the​ web directories are indexed and​ your link will show up in​ searches, plus you get a​ link back to​ your site. When you are attempting to​ maximize the​ traffic that comes to​ your website, every little bit of​ promotion helps and​ web directories can help you gain a​ big chunk of​ that 20% of​ web traffic you have been missing out on.

One method of​ traffic is​ referrals from web directories. Many webmasters use directories to​ get traffic to​ their sites, the​ reason for​ this is​ that most are free but others all you need to​ do is​ place a​ reciprocal link on your site and​ they will link to​ you or​ purchase featured links and​ they place the​ links immediately on their directory.

One of​ the​ best directories to​ get listed in​ is​ called Dmoz. Many website owners list their sites in​ this directory, once Dmoz accepts the​ website the​ website ranking move up in​ the​ search engine results very quickly. Google and​ other search engines see Dmoz as​ a​ very reliable human edited directory. it​ is​ free but you must follow the​ guidelines of​ the​ directory or​ your site will not be accepted. Why stop at​ Dmoz there are so many other directories with very good page rank. Submit to​ many as​ you can, the​ more links the​ better.

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