Web Development A Little Help From My Friends

Web Development A Little Help From My Friends

A community concert will be talking place somewhere this weekend. a​ lot of​ preparations have been made for​ the​ event and​ everyone is​ looking forward to​ enjoying themselves.

Would you believe me if​ I said that the​ concert was the​ brainchild of​ one individual and​ that this singular person put the​ entire event together without the​ help of​ anyone else?

No, you probably wouldn’t believe me, and​ you’d have good reason to​ question the​ claim.

Web development is​ a​ lot like a​ weekend concert. There are so many elements that are needed when putting a​ web presence together that it​ may be hard for​ one person to​ manage every detail.

You will notice I didn’t say the​ development of​ a​ website, I said web development.

I believe there is​ a​ difference. a​ web site can be, and​ often is, developed by a​ singular individual. in​ fact, web builder software can make that process much easier, but web development is​ forging a​ presence online. Not just a​ cyber location, but helping to​ create a​ cyber buzz through a​ variety of​ methods.

Let’s go back to​ that community concert for​ a​ minute. What are some of​ the​ things that needed to​ be taken care of​ before the​ event?

1) Decision on performer(s).
2) Decision on date and​ location of​ performance.
3) Book performer and​ location.
4) Determine price per ticket.
5) Acquire insurance for​ the​ event.
6) Develop posters and​ distribute.
7) Send press release to​ media.
8) Conduct interviews when possible.
9) Line up volunteers to​ help take tickets, load in, feed, provide security, etc.
10) Reconcile tickets sold and​ money collected.
11) Issue checks for​ associated bills and​ performer fees.
12) Clean up auditorium or​ park area.

These are just a​ few of​ the​ items that need to​ be taken care of, and​ one person would have a​ very difficult time managing every facet of​ the​ event without the​ help of​ either volunteer or​ paid event staff.

Let’s look at​ a​ similar list for​ web development.

1) Decision on website design.
2) Decision on provider or​ host for​ website.
3) Pay for​ hosting and/or web building design options.
4) Determine items for​ sale through your online store.
5) Acquire knowledge-based content for​ use on site.
6) Develop a​ marketing plan.
7) Implement a​ marketing plan.
8) Develop business-networking strategies.
9) Encourage associates to​ consider posting on your forum or​ blog.
10) Reconcile orders and​ product fulfillment.
11) Issue checks for​ vendors.
12) Keep your site clear of​ outdates material.

Web development is​ the​ all around work you will do to​ make your online presence known. This includes traffic building strategies as​ well as​ web design techniques. Web development is​ the​ ultimate in​ multi-tasking. Frankly most people can’t do every facet of​ web development on their own.

These entrepreneurs could use some help from family friends, peer associates as​ well as​ the​ occasional assistance of​ freelance employees.

Unless you are some sort of​ cyber super hero you will likely need some help in​ web development. Don’t be afraid to​ ask for​ help or​ to​ accept it​ if​ it​ is​ offered.

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