Web Development Breathe Deep

Web Development Breathe Deep

Can your website breathe?

Think for​ a​ moment about your body and​ how it​ operates when you breathe. Air is​ inhaled, filling the​ lungs with oxygen and​ allowing that oxygen to​ recharge your blood cells as​ it​ cycles through your system. as​ you exhale the​ depleted waste called Co2 is​ forced from the​ lungs as​ the​ body waits for​ another round of​ oxygen.

Most people don’t even have to​ think about breathing, it​ just happens. it​ is​ an​ involuntary action that we have the​ ability to​ control.

In essence when you sleep your body will breathe on its own without your consciously thinking about breathing. However, when you’re in​ the​ doctor’s office and​ he or​ she asks you to​ take a​ deep breath – you can inform your lungs to​ inhale and​ then exhale on command. the​ action of​ breathing can be both voluntary and​ involuntary.

So, what does this have to​ do with web development?

You can design your website to​ accommodate fluctuations with our without your involvement. the​ site can be designed to​ grow and​ contract easily.

For instance with web builder technology you can add a​ page that will need to​ be removed at​ a​ very specific time. in​ other words this page will have an​ expiration date. This could be a​ sales page or​ an​ event page. if​ that information remains on the​ website after the​ expiration date your visitors may experience a​ decrease in​ trust as​ they find outdated information that is​ not only useless, but gives the​ perception that your site is​ filled with cyber dust.

With quality web builder technology you can assign a​ day and​ time that the​ page should be removed – or​ a​ day and​ time for​ a​ new page to​ be added. Essentially you can develop your site using a​ dating system that will automatically add new pages when you want and​ remove them when you want – hands free.

In some sense the​ term ‘web development’ is​ indicative of​ a​ process that does not require all your time and​ attention. You can spend quality time in​ the​ development of​ content and​ then time-release that content so it​ can have an​ impact on return visitors. By using an​ RSS feed you can have that time-released information become a​ regular calling card for​ those most interested. You can develop that content when you can and​ have it​ release itself while you work on other aspects of​ your business.

Like breathing, the​ new material breathes life into the​ site as​ the​ new information is​ accessed (crawled) by search engines and​ the​ old information is​ expelled (deleted) from the​ site (or moved to​ an​ archive for​ later reference).

In many cases you can either direct the​ site pages to​ either deleted completely or​ simply be removed from general viewing, but they still remain available to​ you for​ use at​ a​ later date.

Web development is​ different than web design in​ one very specific way. Web design is​ often a​ function of​ personality, looks and​ expression. Web development is​ keeping the​ site personality refreshed and​ inviting.

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