Web Designs Scariest 4 Mistakes

Web Designs Scariest 4 Mistakes

Believe it​ or​ not, there are web designs that actually scare people away from the​ site and​ keep them from coming back. Doing this is​ something your web design company and​ you will have to​ avoid practically all the​ time. if​ you do not want your web design company and​ you to​ become tarnished or​ labeled as​ one of​ the​ "Worst web Designers of​ the​ net," you need to​ watch out for​ this.

Web Design's Scariest Backgrounds

Setting the​ background on your site is​ one of​ the​ things that you have the​ liberty of​ setting or​ changing. However, some backgrounds are simply ugly, difficult to​ read or​ just plain scary. Here are some sample backgrounds that I am talking about:

• Pure black background with pale, light or​ white text. Unless you are a​ professional web designer who belongs to​ the​ best web design company in​ the​ world, try to​ avoid this type of​ background. it​ looks generally pretentious, not to​ mention how difficult it​ is​ to​ do well. Some browsers print background colour, and​ you definitely will not like angry customers complaining about how much ink it​ caused them to​ print the​ page.

• Black with dark text. This is​ simply illegible and​ unacceptable. Your customers will have to​ highlight the​ text first to​ make it​ readable, and​ this can get really annoying.

• Tiled and​ busy background images. New web designers find this convenient and​ amazing, but note that this takes more download time and​ do not add value to​ your site on the​ part of​ your customers.

Web Design's Scariest Text

People visit your site for​ the​ content that you offer. if​ they can not view your text, they will leave immediately and​ not come back. Your web design company does not want this to​ happen, so be wary of​ some of​ the​ things that you need to​ avoid:

• Text wherein everything is​ centered. This makes your page awfully hard to​ read and​ look really boring.

• Too much emphasis, headlines, bold, strong or​ italics. Do not set every line on your page to​ be highlighted or​ set as​ headline. This defeats the​ web design purpose of​ setting some text to​ stand out.

• Blinking text. Even if​ they can be attractive to​ some, they are almost always impossible to​ read!

Web Design's Scariest Content

You should also pay attention to​ your content as​ it​ is​ what drives visitors into (or out) of​ your site. the​ general rule is​ to​ make sure that you put in​ interesting and​ eye-catching content and​ to​ avoid things like these:

• Content made of​ pure lists of​ link. This refers to​ straight links where every word of​ every line is​ a​ link. (Those that have paragraph explanations to​ it​ does not belong to​ this category.)

• "Cutesy and​ fun" content. Try not to​ add in​ some tricks to​ get people to​ laugh. Chances are they will either not understand your humour and​ you will need to​ explain it​ further, or​ they will simply not go back to​ your site anymore.

Web Design's Scariest Multimedia

Multimedia oftentimes becomes the​ scariest tool ever to​ hit the​ web. Your web design company will surely appreciate your multimedia talents and​ you can show it​ off when you want to. They usually will take you a​ very long time to​ build, so that the​ more you work hard for​ it, the​ more it​ makes you proud. However, note that the​ page is​ never just about you or​ your web design company. it​ is​ about the​ client who you are web designing the​ pages for. Do them a​ favour and​ do not let them have to​ sacrifice for​ you to​ show off your graphical or​ Flash skills. Try to​ avoid the​ following web design no nos as​ well:

• Images much too many. These images include those small icons that designed put into their site. the​ rule of​ thumb is: if​ you already have more than two, you now have too many.

• Unreasonable large images. You do not have to​ publish the​ print quality versions of​ photos right into the​ page. They take too long to​ load, and​ are usually not appreciated anyway. Resizing your photos through HTML simply does NOT count.

• Sound. Just try your very best not to​ put sounds and​ songs. Mp3, wav or​ whatever format of​ audio and​ songs playing on top of​ the​ page that is​ impossible to​ turn off, those MIDI files - they are all annoying. if​ you think your web design will be better off with sounds, make sure you give your visitors the​ controls to​ turn it​ on or​ off.

Your web design company will definitely not be happy about a​ scary web design. You surely will not. Your web design should encourage readers to​ view your page and​ to​ stay a​ little longer looking through it, and​ not the​ other way around!

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