Web Designing For Beginners

Web Designing For Beginners

Are you a​ beginner in​ web designing, than keep this in​ mind: PLANNING is​ the​ most important thing ! if​ you want to​ save yourself hundreds of​ hours of​ hard work and​ want to​ build the​ best looking site than you will have to​ keep this rule in​ mind.

Also if​ you want to​ build your site faster, there are numerous free tools around the​ internet that are just waiting to​ be used. Try a​ few of​ them and​ decide for​ yourself which suits you the​ best. First thing’s first, take a​ blank sheet of​ paper and​ do a​ sketch of​ the​ want to​ be site. it​ will be very useful for​ you to​ take a​ quick pick and​ keep you on the​ right track.

Make a​ flowchart of​ the​ entire site you want to​ build. Think of​ it​ as​ a​ pyramid, with the​ homepage being the​ top, followed closely by the​ most important pages, and​ after that by the​ less important pages and​ so on. Try not to​ make the​ pyramid too deep, meaning that if​ you go beyond tier 3 you will make you job of​ optimizing the​ page for​ search engines very hard. a​ very good practice if​ you want to​ build your site fast, is​ build the​ homepage first, and​ make it​ a​ template for​ the​ other pages of​ your site. They will look the​ same but will be filled with different content and​ have different links. This way adding new pages to​ your site becomes an​ easy and​ pleasant job.

If you want to​ become a​ good web designer be alert, as​ you have to​ take care of​ more than one thing. the​ most important one is​ the​ need of​ your visitors. Make the​ navigation intuitive, and​ the​ colors must not hurt the​ eye. Also you need to​ take care of​ the​ search engine needs, meaning you have to​ optimize the​ page so you get a​ good search engine ranking.

A good web designer can lead the​ visitors to​ a​ path that he chooses, meaning that he will make the​ site in​ such a​ manner that a​ visitor will reach the​ sales page quickly and​ with the​ open mindedness to​ buy your products. the​ sales page must not be more than a​ click away for​ any page of​ your site. Remember that a​ very important thing is​ to​ take your visitors their email address and​ their name, this is​ if​ possible. You can later use these to​ sell them more products and​ in​ time if​ you get a​ big list this can be very profitable.

Remember, Planning is​ the​ most important thing, and​ also, always keep in​ mind the​ goal of​ your site.

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