Web Designing Essentials

Web Designing Essentials

To know web designing essence, let us first compare a​ poorly designed page from that of​ an​ outstanding one.

Poorly made page is​ passive, linear, confusing, pathetic and​ lacks concentration on details. Thus, it​ will not do you any good. it​ will just be a​ waste of​ time and​ effort.

On the​ other hand, an​ outstanding page is​ active, nonlinear, clean and​ consistent with its style and​ details. Moreover, this type of​ page can drag your e-commerce to​ full blast.

Now, let us discuss the​ significance of​ each essential quality.


This quality allows the​ reader to​ participate actively and​ willingly. Examples of​ interactive device are the​ following: tests, hypermedia, hypertext, games, chat rooms and​ the​ likes.

To be active with the​ site encourages revisit. This is​ because visitors are keen enough to​ know whether this site is​ enjoyable or​ not, educational or​ crap and​ inviting or​ flaccid.

Linear Organization

Functionality does not equate to​ boredom. Thus, do not make your web page more boring than a​ book and​ difficult to​ read like a​ technical thesis. You have to​ make it​ catchy, engrossing and​ illuminating. Classroom atmosphere lulls visitor to​ sleep, be sure to​ arrange your page in​ a​ way that it​ will not be to​ taxing on them to​ read your page.

Concentration on Details

There must be consistency as​ to​ details. On the​ educational aspect, cognitive loading, sequencing of​ information, feedback and​ erroneous text must be avoided since they represent bad design.

On the​ technical aspect, broken links, poor navigation and​ inactive pointers are annoying. Thus, if​ you want to​ incorporate the​ same into your design, be sure they are functioning well so as​ not to​ infuriate the​ visitors.

Graphic User Interface

Quality is​ your topmost priority. Hence, graphic user interface must not be overlooked. to​ give you a​ hint, do not use dull colors, avoid busy screens and​ the​ overuse of​ animations and​ graphics.

E-commerce web development is​ crucial to​ your web page. Be sure to​ apply them effectively and​ rightfully.

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