Web Design Work And How To Price The Services

Web Design Work And How To Price The Services

One of​ the​ important aspects that your web design company has to​ consider to​ a​ great extent is​ to​ know just how much they will charge for​ services. if​ you are part of​ a​ web design company, this problem is​ most likely not part of​ your coverage and​ you will have to​ rely on others to​ do the​ quoting for​ you. However, if​ you are doing freelance web design, you will have to​ think about just how much you will charge for​ each project. to​ give you an​ idea of​ how much your work is​ worth, there are a​ few things you need to​ consider. Here are some factors you need to​ think about before you quote a​ price:

1. Web design factor #1: the​ nature of​ the​ project. Before you start evaluating any web design project, you will need to​ determine the​ nature of​ the​ project - how much effort it​ will entail and​ just how extensive it​ is​ going to​ be. to​ help you know this, here are some guide questions:

I. How many web pages do you need to​ make?
II. Will they require you to​ create images or​ designs from scratch as​ part of​ the​ project?
III. Does the​ client have ready made content for​ the​ site or​ do you have to​ do everything yourself?
IV. Will the​ client require multimedia, Flash, scripting or​ programming?

Depending on how much work load you expect and​ what the​ answers are to​ these questions, feel free to​ raise or​ lower your price.

2. Web design factor #2: the​ deadline. Practically, you have to​ know how much time you have to​ finish the​ project. the​ more urgently they require you to​ finish, the​ more you charge. However, make sure that you agree with a​ schedule that is​ possible for​ you to​ meet.

3. Web design factor #3: Your experience. the​ more experience you have in​ web designing, the​ more right you have to​ charge higher. This is​ true for​ a​ web design company as​ well. the​ better the​ image of​ the​ web design company, the​ higher they generally charge for​ their expert service. However, make sure that your price is​ relative and​ reasonable. if​ you, for​ example, have seven years of​ experience in​ HTML yet very little on Flash, and​ your client wants Flash, do not rely on your seven years of​ HTML experience to​ raise your price.

4. Web design factor #4: the​ long-term maintenance required. if​ you or​ your web design company provides site maintenance on top of​ the​ site design, you should charge accordingly for​ maintenance coverage. if​ the​ client wants you or​ your web design company to​ cover maintenance of​ the​ site, it​ is​ better to​ get a​ separate contract for​ this aspect of​ the​ work.

5. Web design factor #5: the​ present going rate. Knowing the​ going rate can be a​ little difficult. for​ starters, you can ask other designers in​ your area. You can also check out the​ salary and​ pricing of​ web design companies in​ your area relative to​ their experience and​ level of​ service. Benchmark from there to​ determine how much you deserve.

6. Web design factor #6: Your target earning. of​ course, you should also consider just how much you want to​ make out of​ the​ project. You might, for​ example, have a​ project that you want to​ do not for​ the​ salary, but because it​ is​ fun. There are also some design work that might be uncomfortable for​ you and​ you need to​ work extra hard to​ complete it, such that you want to​ earn more for​ the​ additional effort.

Rules of​ Thumb

Here are some rules that you need to​ follow in​ accepting and​ pricing your projects. Keeping this in​ mind will spare you and​ your web design company from a​ lot of​ headaches:

1. Never accept a​ project which you do not have enough resources to​ complete. if​ a​ client requires Perl due in​ a​ week’s time and​ you have no idea how to​ do Perl, do not assume that you will find yourself a​ Perl programmer in​ time to​ do the​ project or​ that you can learn it​ in​ a​ matter of​ days. This is​ simply impossible!

2. Come up with a​ clear and​ specific contract. You do not want to​ end up providing more service than you initially expected.

3. Always be honest. Your clients expect your integrity; if​ you tell them that you can meet the​ deadline, and​ then meet it. if​ you can't, inform them about the​ situations as​ soon as​ possible.

A web design company usually quotes their prices based on the​ same factors. of​ course, they usually give you a​ set salary with bonuses, benefits and​ additional pay for​ excellent job done.

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