Web Design With Free Hosting

Web Design With Free Hosting

Are you looking at​ lowering your annual hosting costs? Are you fed up with having to​ pay hosting fees? Are you unsure which company to​ use to​ host your new website? These are questions that many people would answer yes to. I myself have a​ large number of​ websites and​ the​ cost of​ hosting them all, does at​ times annoy me. in​ this article I look at​ alternative options that I have recently heard about which could be the​ answer to​ some of​ these hosting cost frustrations.

The popularity and​ demand of​ web designers has never been greater. More and​ more people are looking into the​ benefits of​ having their own website/s. This could of​ course be used to​ promote their own business and​ to​ even sell their products online. it​ could just be a​ site to​ promote their sports/social club or​ just a​ website about their family. a​ growing number of​ people are looking to​ make money on the​ internet by selling advertising space on their site, this could be in​ the​ form of​ a​ program like google adsense or​ some other form of​ adverts. as​ you can see lots of​ people want an​ online prescence for​ lots of​ different reasons and​ web designers have never had it​ so good.

All of​ these people once they have had their site built then need to​ find a​ company to​ host it​ for​ them. This area can seem like a​ minefield with so many different options. Should you just simply go for​ the​ cheapest price? What is​ the​ difference between all of​ the​ companies? Should I stick with a​ UK company or​ should I go with a​ US company? Most people find all of​ this hosting business quite confusing and​ quite a​ pain. What people need is​ a​ simple solution.

A few months ago I heard about a​ company who was combining web design and​ web hosting under one type of​ umbrella. They basically stated that they would be a​ happy to​ build a​ site for​ so much money and​ would host if​ for​ you for​ free. This is​ a​ great idea and​ the​ price they quoted was very reasonable. I looked at​ their portfolio and​ was very impressed, I will be recommending them to​ many people in​ the​ future.

This is​ what could be the​ future of​ web design and​ web hosting. it​ certainly would make it​ a​ lot easier for​ the​ average man on the​ street.

Web Design With Free Hosting

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