Web Design Using The Family Tree

Web Design Using The Family Tree

When it​ comes time to​ work on a​ web design you should work to​ develop the​ site before you actually develop the​ site. What I mean by that is​ try to​ map out what you are wanting in​ your website and​ how everything should break down logically.

Think of​ it​ like a​ family tree. Each branch is​ the​ father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma or​ grandpa in​ the​ tree. There is​ a​ logical pattern to​ the​ tree as​ it​ branches from one generation to​ the​ next. When you view a​ family tree it​ doesn’t take long to​ figure out where everyone fits in​ the​ history of​ a​ singular family.

If you take this same idea and​ begin to​ work on your website you find the​ ‘patriarch’ of​ your website and​ make it​ the​ home page. What does that page look like, what will be most important to​ the​ proper functioning of​ the​ home page.

Each additional page is​ another branch in​ your web design tree. What are the​ most important ‘next generation’ pages? These should have some of​ the​ other vital categories.

You may find that some secondary categories won’t have any branches. They may work all by themselves. These would be pages like the​ “About Us” section or​ the​ “Contact Us” page. However, many secondary pages may include other branches. These could be pages filled with knowledge-based content, photos or​ product pages.

You might even find that these third generation pages have sub topic content.

Remember, you can make the​ job of​ website design much easier my mapping out the​ web design (site map) prior to​ actually developing the​ site.

This is​ also a​ key step that shortens the​ time it​ can take to​ produce your own website design using template rich web building technology.

It is​ interesting that many businesses will spend quality time developing a​ business plan, organizing the​ office and​ developing a​ strategy for​ marketing, but they are never really very sure what they should do for​ their website design.

The good news is​ you can develop a​ ‘tree’ for​ your website and​ it​ really doesn’t have to​ take a​ significant amount of​ time to​ develop. it​ might take a​ time of​ devoted concentration, but you can aid your website design time by visiting other sites to​ see what you like and​ what seems to​ work really well.

Consider this a​ time to​ devise a​ map for​ your customers. Sometimes sites that are not easy to​ navigate are the​ byproduct of​ a​ website design that was never fully developed and​ suffers from pages that were added in​ unusual places.

Take the​ time to​ map out your website design first, It’s good for​ you, your customers and​ even highly valued search engines.

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