Web Design Using A Cms

Web Design Using A Cms

A Content Management System could be best described as​ integrating elements of​ a​ web site such as​ design, content, media and​ database into one easy to​ use package. the​ System is​ normally controlled by using a​ web interface (a form) which will capture the​ data and​ store it​ in​ a​ database according to​ its attributes (title, category keywords, description etc.). Some of​ the​ better ones out there are Mambo / Joomla, and​ because it’s open source there is​ a​ large community are continually contributing updates and​ addon’s to​ the​ system. Here’s an​ example Web Site Design

The design of​ the​ site itself is​ controlled by templates and​ css style sheets making the​ design and​ development of​ the​ site is​ much more consistent especially larger websites. Another important factor is​ that because the​ whole site design is​ controlled by a​ couple of​ files it​ can be easily updated to​ give your visitors a​ themed season effect such as​ Christmas, Easter, Summer, Winter etc. This is​ important when it​ comes to​ repeat visitors, they know that the​ site is​ up to​ date and​ that the​ designer / developer is​ actually thinking of​ the​ visitor.

Finally, as​ you become use to​ working with a​ Content Manage System, you could spend more of​ your time concentrating on content and​ maybe farm out the​ design or​ purchase some templates for​ your site.

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