Web Design Tips And Techniques For Site Usability

Web Design Tips And Techniques For Site Usability

Web Design Tips and​ Techniques for​ Site Usability
If you are a​ web designer or​ a​ webmaster, website design is​ one of​ the​ most important tasks you do .​
In designing a​ site, you need to​ create a​ design that is​ easy for​ users to​ use, is​ compatible with different systems, and​ is​ search engine friendly.
Making a​ site that is​ user friendly:
In some ways, creating a​ user friendly site is​ just common sense - other aspects are not so obvious, though .​
Obviously, you'll want to​ make the​ text easy to​ read, the​ navigation links easy to​ find, etc .​
Here are a​ few other tips:
Put contact information on every page.
Make it​ obvious what you want the​ user to​ do after reading a​ page..
Make it​ easy for​ the​ user to​ reach your homepage from any other page
Making a​ site that is​ cross-platform compatible:
The main factors you need to​ consider in​ platform compatibility are the​ user's browser, screen resolution, color depth, and​ plug ins.
Browser compatibility is​ easy - just test your site in​ various browsers, and​ fix any incompatibilities .​
The same for​ screen resolution - just be sure that you site looks good and​ is​ easily navigated with any common screen resolution .​
Color depth is​ also relatively simple .​
Just restrict your design to​ using web safe colors.
Plug-ins can be a​ little more complicated .​
If at​ all possible, try to​ use media that is​ compatible with most versions of​ a​ plug in .​
For example, try not to​ use a​ flash movie that requires the​ latest version of​ a​ flash player.
Making a​ site that is​ search engine friendly:
The biggest thing you can do to​ make your site friendly to​ the​ search engines is​ to​ give it​ a​ good link structure .​
Be sure that each page on your site is​ linked to​ from at​ least two other pages with a​ plain text link .​
Image links are OK, but not as​ good as​ optimized text links .​
Javascript and​ flash links are very bad for​ search engine usability.

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